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Oven temperature

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The recipe for a cake, for example, will state the temperature of the oven required and the time of baking

If I choose to bake more than one recipe at the same time, should I allow a higher temperature to that stated, or should I lengthen the time of baking ?

If I rotate the cakes between the upper and lower rack, should the time be lengthen again because of the loss of heat through the opened door ?

Will appreciate a reply
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all ovens vary. no matter what a recipe says, i would still reccommend the old toothpick trick. and also, do not rotate or open the door for about 25 minutes into baking. you dont want them to fall.
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I think you're thinking microwave maybe?

An oven holds a pretty standard temp and not really impacted by how much you're cooking. What the temp is depends on the oven, but use your thermometer and adjust the dial as needed to make sure what you set your oven to is what you get.

You can bake as many cakes as your oven will hold and shouldn't have to worry about adjusting the temperature or time. What will affect the baking time is opening up the door often or for extended periods and letting the heat out.

In a microwave, on the other hand, the microwaves agitate the water molecules (creating the heat/friction that cooks the food). The more food/water molecules you have the longer you have to 'cook' it because the wattage is divided between whatever volume of food you have. So the more food, the longer cooking time.

The only consideration would be if you're baking a variety of recipes that call for different temperatures or times. Times? Just pull them as necessary. I wouldn't combine recipes that call for different temperatures because you can't average out the temp needed.

You'd have to be careful to not keep opening the oven and have it open as little as possible when you do because, like you asked, you'll let the heat out and lose the temperature over time.

When you rotate you won't have to lengthen the time noticably. Just check at the required time with the toothpick and use your judgement.

Also one trick I found to keep cakes moist is to cover tightly with plastic wrap when still warm in pan (not hot) and let it cool that way.

Hope this answers your questions. If not, ask away.

April :roll:
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So long as the temps of the recipes are the same, you have little to worry about.

AprilB ,
The problem when you "Just pull them as necessary" is that every time the oven door is opened, you lose a significant amount of heat. So much so that technically you should add five minutes onto your cooking time every time you open the door. This was scientifically proven on one of Alton Brown's shows though I'm not sure which specific episode.

But the best way is to make sure your oven is calibrated properly so you know it it is actually the temperature you set it to, and use your eyes and nose. You' know it's close to being done when you can smell the aroma in the kitchen. Then use the toothpick test if the cake is the type of cake that doesn't have something like molten chocolate in it.
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Not sure what size oven y'all talkin about. but if you go into an oven with a large amount of cakes lets say 80 deg. the recovery is a lot longer then you would expect. I alway adjust temp for this. If it calls fo9r 350 and I know I'm going to loose 15-20 degrees I would preheat to 375.
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Temperature oven

Hi :smiles:
Thanks for the answer and tips on this subject
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I fill my oven completely when baking but only on the middle rack. This does cause it to take longer to recover but not much as my ovens are gas. I actually bake at a lower than asked for in the recipe temp. It produces softer sides and less moisture loss.
Gas ovens can have a 15% calibration swing to them and that is nomal. (I was a technician in another life) so if your oven is set to 350 it could swing to 365. I just play it safe with the lower temps but not more than 25 degrees F.
If you step on people in this life, you're going to come back as a cockroach. ~Willie Davis
If you step on people in this life, you're going to come back as a cockroach. ~Willie Davis
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