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School Project

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I am doing a school project and my career choice is Chef. I was wondering if I could have some questions answered. The necessary education, working conditions, salary, advancement possibilities, demand, future outlook of being a chef. I am posting it on this forum because I am supposed to do an interview but cannot find anyone. I also need contact info of the person who answers the questions please...\

Thank You,
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there are some great articles listed on this website that will help you answer some of the questions listed in your post. http://www.cheftalk.com/content/education.cfm

i would start there and read through and that would give you the ability to tailor some unique questions that i think will help you along in your project.
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email me if you would like
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dear friend, email me all the question you need to do, i think im able to answer it. Joana_aix@yahoo.com.br
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