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Cabbage roll

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I made some cabbage rolls. I laid them in my pan and as per the recipe I filled the pan with 2 cups of water. (it prevents them from drying out). But now the center of my cabbage roll is brown and its surrounded by a pink outer ring(the pork inside the cabbage roll that is). I know that the center of the roll got to 200 deg F so I’m sure it’s cooked but why the pink is that from the water?
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Hmmm. Never heard of water turning pork pink. In the absence of smoke..it usually takes some type of cure i.e. nitrates to do that trick. Could any of your seasonings have contained some form of nitrates by any chance? Did your grind include any cured ham or bacon perhaps? Perhaps there is some mysterious substance in cabbage leaves which mimics the action of nitrates. Just clutching at straws for possible explanations here:confused:

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