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Movie theme

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We are doing a movie themed party for 300. There is not a particular movie, just a cinema theme. It will outdoors in late September and they are looking for ideas now. Not having a movie to base the menu on kind of has us stumped. Any ideas?
The menu will be fairly nice:
2-4 appetizers
2 entree choices
1-3 dessert choices
any input would be appreciated.
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Movie Food

Popcorn Shrimp - Tempura battered or traditionally fried rock shrimp served in a fun, popcorn style single serving box with slice of lemon (we did this for a movie theme party once - needs to be a manned station for fresh shrimp to keep coming out)

Black & White Cookies

Just two things that came to me...this is the kind of thing that will stick in my head, though, so I will send more suggestions if I have them.
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