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Lead Bread

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Does any one have a receipe for a thing called lead Bread It is very heavey and dense. filled with rasins, nuts, M&M's, and others. Any one???????:confused:
"Cooking is my Sport, Whats Yours?"
"Cooking is my Sport, Whats Yours?"
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The only 'lead bread' I know about is the Danish version.


But it didn't have anything added. Just a very dense bread. Perhaps you could incorporate a variety of ingredients to your liking...(m & m's???:eek: )

Ingredients :

3envyeast1cupwarm water1tblsugar8cupwater12cupwholewheat flour7 1/2cuprye flour3cupwhite flour2tblsugar3tblsalt
Method :
  • Mix the first ingredients and set aside to work.
  • Mix as per usual for handmade bread - Mom always had Dad do the heavy work - then let raise 25 minutes. Punch down & make into 6 loaves. Put into greased pans. Let raise 1/2 hour. Bake at 350 F for 1 1/2 hours. This bread freezes well & must be sliced very thin or it is a chore to chew.
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