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Frosting Sleeves

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Can anyone tell me what a frosting sleeve is, how to make and apply to a cake?
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I have heard of a commercial frosting product referred to as a Frosting sleeve. It would appear to be a disposable piping bag - probably made from plastic. Disposable bags are available from catering/cake decorating suppliers.

You can make your own from parchment or waxed paper.

Check these sites for instructions:

Making a Waxed Paper Piping Bag and Using a Piping Bag

Parchment Cones
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When looking for a piping and or pastry bag, what is the best type to look for.
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Thank you very much! After some investigation, I found acetate and used that. It works wonderful!!!!!!!
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pastry bags

I have used disposable bags as well as reusable. I put the resuable in the dishwasher for washing/sanitizing and they are much cheaper than using disposable. People I know have reused the disposable, but this is not sanitary and could cause problems with contamination. They are convenient when fixing a cake upon delivery or finishing it, but please throw away after using once.
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