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I have seen on the TV two BBQ contests. All I can say is wow. There is nothing like that here. I have never seen such equiment, such dedication to the wellbeing of meats to a superior outcome. And!!! it was exciting to watch. By golly I wish I was biting a rib right now. Maybe that's why
G-d used Adams rib, I bet he cooked it first, to make Eve extra tasty.
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All that and you're:D "clap clap clap Deep in the heart of Texas"....:eek: :D
We're just having a slab and a brisket up here.

Now even tho I'm here in the KCMO area it doesn't mean that I'm especially akin to their style of BBQ :look: yet... having lived in GA, SC and Chitown I've definitely seen a fair share that I can relate to.

As far as your rig goes I'm a fim believer you can have a 50,000.00 rig and produce some of the most horrific smoked meats out there and then there are rigs like yours that make the best. Mine is somewhat like yours only it's all wrapped in nice clean SS oh yeah and it's square and 5 1/2 ft tall but it's a vertical draft style smoker. The other one rusted out and we had to put it down.

But most don't realize it's a whole bunch of things that come together to make good smoked meats. Rub, wood mix, temp sauce and patience. Most folks just try and well... It's not a three hour start to stomach process. It's an investment. :roll: Cheap food and good and good food ain't cheap but it's always worth the wait.
Anyhow what time's the lamb on. I'll bring the bibs. Hehehe

Later and Happy 4th.
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I know it's not BBQ

DOn't get mad at me for putting this here, but I had o share this with everyone. I just cooked skewers on the grill for my soon-to-be in-laws and they talked about it all night, it's a great marinade as well, used it on chicken.

It's not exact, I just winged it:

2 mangos
1/2 vidalia onion
2 cayenne peppers
little cinnimon/sugar
TBSP or 2 honey
and a little oj

sweat onions, put in mango and peppers, blend it together add rest, S&P to taste

it's sweet, hot and **** good
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