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Greetings Fellow Food Lovers,

I am new here. I just wanted to share my recipie blog with anyone who may be interested. I emplore you to check out the Leek Pie recipie because
  • It is stunning - I've NEVER met anyone who doesn't adore it!
  • It is vegitarian (though I'm not) and as you know veggie dishes that can impress a meat eater as much as any steak or chicken dish are hard to come by!
  • It is easy to cook and theres lots of room for experimenting, customizing and tweeking to your own taste
  • Go ahead check it out here by simply clicking me
Kindest Regards,

Leon Gruneberg

P.S. I'd love some feedback on the recipies, the blog and especially Leek Pie
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Love your Blog!
It's Leek Pie on our table tonight!
Can' wait go give it a whirl.
A toast to Gran!
Lyne in Seattle
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Wow, I'm really thrilled

Im thrilled that someone likes the blog and the recipies. If you put in you name and email then you can get a notifaction on every update. If you know anyone else who'd like the blog please let them know
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Made it just like you said...
Dinner tonight. Smells, and looks awesome. I think I'll go into the garden, and cut some herbs for garnish. Eithe,r sage or rosemary.

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Leon, are those your recipes?

Best Rgds Cakerookie...aka Rook...

Oh and like your blog....
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Hello Leon and welcome to Chef Talk. When I saw "leek pie" I guessed you were from Wales- and I was right. I was through Swansea briefly at the end of a five-day driving tour of Wales on 1975 (Caernarvon, Harlech, Brecon, Caerphilly...). Gorgeous country, warm people. However, I wish I'd been able to eat home cooking, because the food in the restaurants and hotels in those days was drab, English (!) style cooking.

We hope you'll browse through the forums, recipes, articles, and cookbook reviews on your way to signing up for the e-newsletter. Visit often! We'll look forward to your posts.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Okay, I made it, I served it wih a wee bit of rocket salad, and.....
It was Fabulous!
Gran is a keeper!
Thankyou for sharing, and keep on blogging.
I'll send you one of my recipes soon.
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