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Personal Chef Question.

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Are any of you here a personal chef? I have been thinking long and hard about this. I have wanted to be a chef for a very long time and i think that if i became a personal chef for someone, it would pay good, id live good and id have fun doing what i loved. And i wouldnt feel the stress of running a resturaunt.

Do any of you have any idea how much a personal chef makes a week or year? How hard is the job?
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
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Personal or private?

Personal chefs have several clients and do menu planning, shopping and preparation of several days worth of meals. Including storage/freezing and re-heating instructions.

Private chefs work for one client or family.

You might want to check Careerbuilders or Monster. There's also personalchefs.com.

I saw a listing in Wisconsin that looked pretty cushy. (on the surface anyway.) $26k per year in addition to room and board all year to cook for a family from May to October when they vacationed. From October to May you were free to pursue your own thing.

So they do exist and I'm certain that there are even more lucrative positions out there.

Have fun.

April :bounce:
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