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Found a dear old aunt I was never supposted to know about in the UK. At Sawbridgeworth. A bit out of London. Golly, the trains are good over there. I adored London, and we had a tour of Devon and Cornwall. Wonderful. But I want to go back with my husband, who lived there so many years, and go up country. We saw none of that. But we did see a fair bit of the continent. The Lion of Lucerne just exploded my brain. Have you been there Urgent?
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Italian Food

Hi, I read what other members wrote you, I should suggest to try Italian food and mediterranean recipes. Are you interested in it? I'm Italian and I know perfectly that what I tell is right.If you want you can read recipes and some more information in this site: Let me know what you think about it. Bye, Melinda
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Hi ptdurk. I was a fussy eater just like you, except I went the vegetarian way, not the fast food way. Same story, different ending!
Tel me what you DO like and I'll work something out for you. Spuds? Beef? Pork? Lamb? Shrimp? ( no cheese, obviously!). I suffered at university until I discovered some basic variations on a theme!
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I like pretty much all the traditional meats. I love Beef and chicken but like pork lamb etc. Not to keen on potatoes only like them when they are cut thinly dont like too much potato. I dont like shrimp im affraid.

Ill have a look at that website in a minute (in response to the comment above)

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my ex boyfriend has a young preteen boy. this kid will only eat macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, cheese pizza..but he scrapes the cheese off, and ranch doritos.. that's it. that's all he eats. my 4 yr old at least tries everything. i would never raise a child like that. heck, my 4 yr old ate a peanut butter and jelly with ham sandwich the other day!!!
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I would like to say thanks to everyone that hellped :chef: But no thanks to the really critical ones there was absolutely no need for it, to this day I still cant begin to understand why people were being so harsh to me, I just wanted a bit of help.

Anyway just to inform u all, i am now at university and loving it. I have expanded my palet quite significantly as i now eat, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spaghetti bolognese (which is quite a lot for me) so am now having a variety of vegetables. The next step is to get myself into 'greens'.

I would like to end by saying if someone joins this forum please be more kind (some of you were, and to those individuals this doesnt apply). You lot gave me such a hard time for something that was just not needed. Who ever taught you lot that the best way to encourage someone to change is to be harsh to them? But On the contrary one should be supportive and give them ideas. I was not slating what people told me so to have a go at me was just out of order. Oh and if the spelling/gramme is not very good, this is not an English test or anything so don't be critical about it.

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The problem isn't that we aren't willling to help. It's that YOU aren't willing to help YOURSELF. You want us to feel sorry for you and feed you while you aren't willing to put energy into feeding yourself.

"Fussy eater" my left eye! You say you eat fast food but do you KNOW what's in that crud? Calories? Fat? MSG? Bug and rodent parts and other horrible stuff? Not to mention the risk of hepatitis or something equally bad given to you for free from the minimum wage crew who don't wash. If you'll eat that on a regular basis, you've got a better gut than I do and I absolutely won't believe that you're "fussy".

I DO believe that you have no palate or imagination and no skills to take you beyond the pick-up window. Thus, I suggest (as others have) to you go to the bookstore and READ a couple of cookbooks. All you have to do is leaf through them for menu ideas not read each recipe in depth. Find one or two that you like and copy it so you have a shopping list.

And if that's too harsh for you, wait until you get to whatever college you're attending this fall. That'll be an eyeopener for sure. "Put out or get out" is the motto and you get to pay for the privilege too.

Do you really think that the rest of your life is going to be any different than that? I know for certain that it isn't. BTW, the bookstore is thataway -------> .
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Try a can of soup, pancakes, fresh fruit salad, make a sub sandwich, if you can make pancakes you should be able to master crepes which can be filled with a variety of foods to your liking. Do you eat fish - - bake some haddock (which is very mild) seasoned to taste and drizzled with EVOO. Steam some vegies season and enjoy. Make some chicken (there are about a zillion recipes for all types from basic grilled chicken breast to elaborate more complicated recipes). Do you have access to a grill? You can grill most anything with a bit of practice. Do you have accessw to an oven, cooktop and/or microwave oven?

I've got it, this is a test for members of this forum! We know you can read, we know you can "compute" so ... :rolleyes:
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Mate, read what I said above I'm already at university and have begun to expand my pallet. In your few words you have summed up exactly what I was saying, there is no need to 'lay into' me, after all I'm only looking for help/suggestions. I have not asked for people to feel sorry for me, the only reason I said about being fussy etc. was so u lot could see where i was comming from. Who said I wasnt prepared to help myself? one should not make assumptions, if i wasnt prepared to help myself why would I come on this forum?

You have not met me, how do u know im not fussy? I wasnt proud of the fact I eat fast food, I was saying thats what I eat a lot and why I want more variety of what to eat because I know its not healthy.

Get of your high horse and help people out rather than being so critical. Read back I have not once said I wont do what people have told me to do, I only asked for suggestions, never said I wouldnt look in recipies so stop putting two and two together and making five. If you are not prepared to say something constructive please don't contribute
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Hey, thanks for the suggestions :D
I tried ministroni soup the other day, I quite liked that but was not keen on the 'bits' in it so might invest in a blender.
I love the sound of the pancake idea, I absolutely love pancakes so souds like a good start :). I like deep fried fish but Ill try cooking it the other way.
I have access to grill/oven/microwave and cooktop all of them:talk:
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Check your private messages.
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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Well, I guess then you don't need to bother coming back here anymore since:

1. You're all "prepared to help yourself"; and,

2. Your snippy attitude does not add anything constructive to the discussion.

Ta ta now.
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I am not prepared to help myself that is the point of this thread, I am a bit better off but am still open to ideas.

The only reason for the 'snippy attitude' is that I cant believe how people have reacted
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Hey Rob, it's YOU that has the snippy attitude. If you don't have anything to contribute then don't post in the thread. If you feel like getting of your high horse and offering some real honest advice, I suggest you apologize and quit being an a*******.

He's like a 17-18 year old kid. He's trying to become more broad in his eating choices. He said he wants help--and he even said it's getting better. There are MILLIONS (or more) kids his age who eat just as bad as he did, or worse, who aren't trying to do anything about it.

Did you seriously say HE wasn't adding anything to the discussion? It's HIS thread, YOU are the one not contributing anything. Get a f-ing clue. It looks like from your idiotic post you didn't even read the thread. I suggest you go to the bookstore and get hooked on phonics so you can learn to pick out key words and phrases so it actually sounds like you know what you are talking about.

Pretty much all the "points" you try and make were either addressed earlier in the thread or just plain out wrong. Just by coming here and seeking advice from professional cooks, chef's and enthusiastic amatuers he was trying to gain help. Your type of attitude is more off putting than helpful. YOU'RE the bad guy here, **** face.

PTdurk, don't listen to this jerk off. I started getting into cooking about your age, going to college, cooking for myself, etc. You've gotten a lot of good advice in this thread, so don't despair. I started by taking jared, canned convenience type food and sprucing it up. Example, like taking jarred tomato sauce, sauteeing my own garlic, onion, peppers, chicken, etc to go in it. Then I moved on to making my own tomato sauce, etc.

Take little step--experiment, explore. Most of all, don't be afraid to try new things. Good luck. Please come back and let those of us who care how it goes.
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Ahh, I see. APPARENTLY this is the kind of place where anytime someone disagrees in a thread then people are free to call them names and make unkind comments regarding their ancestry and other assorted disparagements regarding their personal traits. THAT'S NOT the kind of place I want to be a part of.

So, I guess I'll be the one who leaves and those who remain are stuck with the ad hominem attacks, slurs and epithets, and flame wars.

Be proud that this is that kind of place where well spoken criticism and disagreement are met is so much vitriol and hatred based upon nonexistent issues. Be proud, you earned it.
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PT- Just like anyplace in the world, there are just as many ideas/opinions are there are people. Some we gravitate to..... some away from..... don't be afraid to post on CT- this site is here for all!!
My oldest son (17) is a picky eater also (and I'm sure he would love to try to live on fast food- but I, of course, would not alow such a thing!! LOL) Perhaps you can relate.... my son seems to have a preferance for crunchy, salty foods- he loves chips, pretzels, popcorn- and that works well for fast foods. He also seems to like very flavourful foods- garlic bread, salsa, hot sauce- also something fast food supplies.... he pretty much eats only meat at mealtimes- so what I do for him is to add seasonings (garlic, italian seasoning, pepper, season salt) to my cooking. I also make things like chicken rice (cook rice in boullion), and I slide a few chopped veggies in just to get him to eat a few. Many people who don't like veggies, find they like them raw and dipped in ranch dressing or other dip of their choice. It sounds like you didn't get a lot of exposure to a variety of foods at a young age, and are now having to teach/introduce yourself to them. Just approach it with an open mind... and be sure to go back and try things that you don't like every now and then (esp if you find it prepared a new way), tastes do change and you may find you like something you once hated. (I used to hate brussel sprouts, thought they were bitter- turns out all these years, that my mom just didn't cook them well- now I love them!) Get yourself a basic cookbook (Fannie Farmer, Better Homes and Gardens, etc..) and start experimenting!! Good luck- bon appetit!!
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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I'm not sure how I came to the opinion that you might be based in the UK, but if you are: Here's a list of some of the more popular student cookbooks.

I bought each of my childen a copy of the 'Student Cookbook', and 'How to Boil an Egg' before they went off to their respective Universities.

None were picky eaters, very eclectic in their tastes for food - probably cos I never allowed them to be 'picky' eaters when they were small and the fact that we lived overseas for years plus we travelled a great deal, too. There's always SOMETHING that even a 'picky' eater could fancy. Just have a look at this booklist - then have a browse around a local bookshop and see which one appeals. THEN START COOKING! Nosh 4 Students - A Fun Student Cookbook, see every recipe in full colour!: Books: Joy Alison May
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i originally did not want to post on this thread due to all the issues earlier on... but i think its a bit safer now... might i reccomend not just learning how to cook a few simple dishes, but more to understand why it is you like them. like how the flavors combine, what ingredients compliment each other, like mint and lamb, or chocolate and spicy things. it will take some time, but if you can get that down, then you can create ANYTHING YOU IMAGINE. and remember, its always a good idea to like the foods you cook... no matter what, that way your cooking will always be good to somebody.:) but seriously, i would also like to reccomend a possible cookbook, might be a bit pricey, but alton brown, makes some simple and easy dishes that i rather enjoy. i dont recall the names of his books, but you should be able to find them on amazon, also, you can find his recipes on

oh yeah, if all else fails, you can just eat the same things you have been until you are absolutely sick of them and are then forced to find something new to eat... or drink a guinness for every meal:beer::). good luck. and experiment
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I'll offer a strong second for Alton Brown. Not only are his recipes good, but he also educates the viewer (and, I suppose, the reader) with why things happen as they do in the kitchen

And I just love his high-powered pepper grinder :lol:

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Of course people can disagree...that's what makes this place so great. But if you somehow think your "criticism" was "well-spoken," then I suggest you re-read the thread. Your condescension and attitude were evident from the start, BOTH bad ways to offer advice to someone truly seeking help.

You basically called him ignorant and foolish, and then ensenuated that he was both again for seeking help from the professionals. You didn't offer criticism you offered judgements. And that, my friend, is not what this place should be about. It should be a GOOD thing that anyone who wants to can come here for advice...from novices to pros. You offered no advice beyond "go to the bookstore." At the very least, offer the title of a book (like other, more generous people did) so he'll have an idea where to start.

I'll reference you to the bookstore to pick up a self-help book on how to talk to people.

So here, I apologize for the personal attacks. It was out of line for a place like ChefTalk. I don't, however, apologize for the message behind my posts re: you're attitude. It just makes me really angry when people are more into judgeing and labeling than they are into helping and encouraging.

He seems like a bright young man who realizes the errors of his past eating habits and want to do something about it. Changes aren't made overnight. Sometimes it takes years to change habits, especially those as ingrained as food habits. This forum and the people on it are a starting point.

Please realize this if you decide to actually lend some advice.
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I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to accept your "apology".

I do not accept false apology's from those who use character attacks against people for posting their legitimate opinions and viewpoint. Such attacks are crude, rude, inane, inhospitable, improper and lack any semblance of manners to the point of being unredeemable.

I, further, am DISGUSTED with the moderators of this forum for failing to remove your offending post and/or censoring you for making it.

By your own words, you attacked my character not because of what I said, but because of what you THOUGHT was my "attitude" which is irrelevant to any discussion on this (or any) forum.

Your actions show to world that you are a fool.

Moderators, please remove my user name from the registration list.
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If, as I suspect, the poster is British.... Alton Brown is almost unheard of in the UK - and if his books are not published in a British version (ie using metric or Imperial measurements) then the OP would have a difficult time translating recipes, as we do not use 'cups' as a system of measurement!
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Thank your lucky stars!
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Per your request.... done.

Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page


Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page

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<Gosh it's awfully quiet in here now....> What's new everybody? :smiles:
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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