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I was just gifted about 5 lbs of fresh Lechees.Salsa, dressing, marinade, dessert, or what?
Any ideas?:chef:
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Just eat them. Fresh is best!
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It's spelled Lychee. And I agree, fresh is best.

Have a party and have them be the highlight. Let others try them who've never experienced them.
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Good idea!
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LOL. Anytime I see leeches on a culinary forum, I freak out. That was hilarious for about 12 seconds.

I would expect that lychees are much tastier than leeches.
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Not to a walleye or smallmouth bass.

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Leeches + cooking forum = :confused:

Ok, I get it now. Spelling is your best friend :D
I'm a MAN, man!
I'm a MAN, man!
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I make lychee sorbet and it is very, very good. Also lychees are used in chinese cold dessert soups that contain thngs like cooked ginko nuts, fine silken tofu cut into delicate cubes, sweetened with rock sugar.

They are as the crowd says best eaten fresh.
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sorry about the spelling, smart ***!
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