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Glasstop Cookware

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Can you use a grill pan on a glass cooktop? If so, what brand do you recommend?
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I just spent the last two weeks looking for a grill pan for my ceramic cooktop. You can't use it unless the pan is flat on the bottom. All of the ones I saw are ridged on the bottom.

I found two flat bottomed pans:

Le Creuset makes an enameled cast iron version. Its small and expensive.

I ended up with a cast iron grill pan from Williams Sonoma. It cost about $22. Its not nonstick, but I've used it for chicken and bread and it worked great for both of those. The house got pretty smoky during the chicken grilling though.
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I have used a cast iron grillpan from Lodge for several years. Make sure there are no "bits" stuck to the bottom of the pan and do not slide it around so as to avoid scratching the cooking surface.
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Look at Lodge products. They'e reasonably priced, and will last a lifetime. You can use them on any surface. But always make sure, with a glass cooktop, that your pan is scratch fee, and very clean, on the bottom.
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Well we use a lot of cast iron skillets on the fancy glass cooktop and will agree just dont be scooting them things around any more than you can help. Now for a griddle...get yourself to Wally World and look in the Sporting Goods section next to the camping supplies. They have an aluminum non-stick coated griddle which is designed to be used on the portable boyscout propane camp stoves. Ozark Trail is the brand I think. Cost about 15 bucks. Spans two burners perfect and cooks great. You can cook breakfast for 7 or 8 folks using that thing alone. Perfect for bacon eggs hotcakes porkchops sauage steaks etc. Onliest drawback is it likes to spin around on its axis a little cuz its slick and the stove top is slick too. Best cure is to just hold one corner of it with a hot pad when it time to flip the eggs or whutever.

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