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I have read all about what truffles are, where they are found, and how to use them. But I don't know what they taste like and what they add to a dish. The book says they taste " Earthy". I probably ate some earth as a child but I don't remember what it tasted like. Can anyone give me a 'similar to' reference to taste and tell me how my dish would change with the addition of truffles. I will likely never have any due to their cost and would just like to know what I am missing.
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Well I say It's pretty much impossible to discribe because it's such a particular flavour, it is somewhat earthy. I would suggest you go to a gourmet deli and purchse some truffle oil, it might cost you 20 bucks but you only need a small quantity, make a plain risotto with a little parmesan and finish with the truffle oil, you'll get a good taste of it that way. failing to find it at a store order on line.
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Alexpizza is correct, the flavor of truffles is quite unique and there is nothing really to compare it to. Truffle oil is a good inexpensive way to go to get an idea of the taste.

Truffles have a particular affinity for eggs. Drizzle some of your oil over scrambled eggs. Or stir a TBS or two in a batch of creamy mashed potatoes.

Truffle oil has short shelf life so you don't want to buy one of those industrial sized bottles because it will probably go to waste.

You can buy black truffle oil or white truffle oil. I've never used the white so I can't comment on it.

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The white is good, but my personal preference is the black... They are both on the pricey side...
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Attempting to describe what a truffle tastes like is much like attempting to describe the flavor of an exceptional strawberry or passion fruit, morel mushroom, rosemary, abalone, or other unique ingredient. They are what other foods are compared to...

Do you have gourmet groceries in your area? I bet they have truffle oil or a truffle spread which is quite inexpensive that you can purchase. And if they don't, they would probably order some. If not, it can be easily purchased online. Obviously, it won't be the same as the "real thing", but it may get you closer to your goal.

Black Truffle Oil under $7.00 US

Truffle Cream

Maybe one day you can have a meal at a restaurant with some truffle shavings. It may not be the cheapest meal, but it won't bread the bank either. Perhaps something worth experiencing once in a lifetime.
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