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Torah Cake - need some help!

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I have been reading all the post here and there is a lot to learn!!!. I own a kosher restaurant and beside the cooking we also do cakes. I have an order for a Torah shape cake and I want to make the best.
can I ask for some ideas?
the customer asked for a white cake with a chocolate filling. and it is supposed to be parve.
my big question is about placing the scrolls on the top: Do I need to put support as it was a wedding cake with tiers?
thanks for your advise.
you can e mail also at
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You'll want to use skewers to secure the scrolls, but they really don't need supports. I usually make the handles out of marzipan or modelling chocolate, and form them around long dowels (at least 8"). When the cake is cool, just shove them in the center of each scroll.

For the filling, make a ganache with soymilk or coffee rich (if you use coffee rich, it's the same proportions as you'd use with cream, but if the coffee rich is sweetened, you might want to use a bittersweet choc). It's nearly impossible to detect that it's dairy free.

There are lots of oil-based cake recipes out there, and soy milk is a good 1:1 sub for milk in those recipes. Parve margarine is usually a good sub for butter (I think the one I use is made by Fleishmanns, and most of them are dairy, so be aware of that.

Good luck!
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Thank you.

I tryied to use coffe rich and it works fine.
do you have a recipe for the filling?
I checked your website and it is full of nice ideas!
thank you.
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