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Uniforms, Aprons...

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Where's the best place online to get good uniforms and bib aprons?

Thanks in advance,

Eric :)
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if the powers that be won't get em from your linen service i've been using Newchef in L.A. for a number of years. 60/40 pants are 5 for $99 i believe. Just got a quote on 100% cotton cloth knot basic jackets 6 for $99-not presention jackets but have been doing the job-stick with all cotton, the blends suck ime.

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i've been pretty happy with allheartschef.com for coats and aprons. Prices are good, quality varies between brands/lines.

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I love the quality I get from chefwear.com and have used them for years, allthough I have got some great deals from happychef.com

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