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Meringue cooled to quickly, problem solved.
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I always make sure bowl and beaters are clean, but I have had small amounts of yolk go into the whites that could not be removed. I have had the whites whip successfully in spite of the presence of the yolk. A small amount (1-2 tsp) of corn starch added with the sugar will prevent "weeping" of meringue in humid weather: I don't know if it will help prevent the meringue getting sticky or rubbery. It's best not to cover it. High humidity can cause meringue to fail, although I'm not a scientist and therefore can't tell you why. My grandmother was the pie expert and talked about humidity affecting meringue. It is very difficult, although not impossible to whip by hand. I gave my stand mixer away years ago because I rarely used it, preferring a fork for most things. I do however own an inexpensive hand mixer which I use for meringues and creams.
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I revisited lemon meringue pie today, and followed all of the obsessive-compulsive cleaning advice and indeed it came out very nicely! I let it sit on the counter for about an hour to cool, then put it in the fridge. I notice now that it has been in the fridge a couple of hours that small, brownish beads if liquid are forming on top of the meringue. I remember from the episode of Good Eats that dealt with pies that this can happen, but AB never said how to adjust things to prevent it from happening. Any suggestions on what to do about liquid beading up on the meringue?
I'm a MAN, man!
I'm a MAN, man!
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That happens to me if I try and refridgerate meringue Mrs B. For lemon M. pie I make the M. later on the day I am using it, and never refridgerate. For Pavlova I make it the day before and decorate the day of. It will behave if you refridgerate after decorating. But I just leave it covered with a teatowel on the counter overnight. Never had an upset. I think in general terms we over refridgerate things. Not talking about dairy or meats, but many use the 'fridge for general food storage.
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Sticky meringue

I have found that a good pinch of salt helps with the stability of meringues. I agree completely with the notion of using metal bowls and utensils when making meringues. For extra protection I wipe all with lemon juice. You did not mention where you live, but the higher the humidity the more sticky the meringue will be after cooling.
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"...remind you that Mr. Alton Brown Is a COOK... not a Baker"

You mean to tell me that when he wrote his book

Food x Mixing = Baking he was just FAKING it?? :suprise:

It is, in fact, a really good book on the basics, the chemistry, and the techniques of baking.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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I whip my meringue by hand in a copper mixing bowl. I also throw in a pinch of salt, along with the sugar and cream of tartar.
The one hint I like, because I also use it, is to make the meringue just before serving. The pie crust and filling can sit in the fridge before.
The bit with the toothpicks to keep the plastic wrap off the meringue is old, but always effective.
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