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Hello from Georgia

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:smiles: Hello Everyone,
My name is Connie. I live in Southeast Georgia. I am originally from Pasco County in Florida. I have lived here in Georgia for a little over a year. I worked as a cook for an Italian Restaurant in Florida for a little while. My twin sister is the kitchen manager there, so she hired me and taught me how to cook!! :chef: I hate seafood.. I have tried it!! My sis was always sticking some kind of seafood in my mouth to see if I liked it!! The worst I had was Fried Oysters!! yuck!! Not my thing! Funny thing is... I had several customers and the owner's daughter tell me I made the best Linguine and white clam sauce!! Cool!! :cool: That was several years ago.. fast forward.. now I live here in South Georgia. I like some of the Southern food, but alot of it.. I will never be able to eat!! Cracklin' Cornbread?? yuck!! And I've never drank so much sweet tea in my life!! I think all that sugar has made me alot sweeter!!! :p I live with my boyfriend now. He's been married twice before and neither one of the exes could cook. So he's in FOOD HEAVEN with me!! I love to cook. I think the reason that I do love it so much is the pleasure of watching people eat it and love it!! It's simple satisfaction for me. It's something I made.. and you love it!! The thing is.. I'm not a creative cook. I need a recipe to make anything! I'm not sure what spices and seasonings go best with what dishes.. but I'm learning! My boyfriend LOVES food, so the experience I had working as a cook in the Italian restaurant has given me some good dishes to serve him. And being as Southern as he is.. not having this kind of food, he's love love loving it!! ( I don't think they even have an Italian Restaurant in the town!!) I have made chicken parm, chicken franchaise, beef and cheese manicotti, eggplant rollatini, homemade lasagna.. just to name a few!! I watch foodtv alot and get alot of dishes from watching the cooking shows and recipes from the internet and magazines. I have been doing really well with my cooking.. though I have been wishing there was someone I could ask questions when I need to. I came across this site when I had put a google search in for springfield, missouri style cashew chicken. I lived there from 92-97 and loved it.. so I wanted to try to make it. I had to order the Oyster Sauce online because I couldn't find it ANYWHERE in this town! :suprise: I still haven't made it.. probably will tonight. My boyfriend is a sergeant at a prison here in se ga and works the night shift, so I stay up ALL night cooking!! I don't watch tv too much and I get sooo bored... so I started cooking!! It's funny, I'll cook up to 3 dishes and sometimes even a dessert! I put them in his to go containers so he can take them to work with him. I like to make things that freeze well too... since I make so many dishes!! I ain't kidding.. last night I made cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and kielbasa. I made coleslaw with the leftover cabbage. I made restaurant style potato skins. I made stuffed pepper casserole AND I made cube steak and gravy!! WHEW!! Yeah, i was in bed at 6am after all the cooking and cleaning up!! My boyfriend says his coworkers all sniff around him while he's eating and tells him 'mmm, that looks good!' Satisfaction... :smiles: :smiles: Well Ya'll.. I took up enough of your time already.. so I am glad I found this site. After reading a bunch of posts, I thought ya'll really sounded like good and friendly people.. and that's just the kinda people I like!! :D Please feel free to contact me anytime... gotta bounce :bounce: :bounce: BUH-BYE!!!

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Well howdy ConnieinGa I am just northeast of you I guess you could say in South Carolina. You will like it here this is a great place for all things cooking so if you need answers come here you will get them. Welcome to Cheftalk.

Rgds Rook aka Cakerookie
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Hello Connie and welcome to Chef Talk. You're going to love this place, I can tell! We're a friendly bunch of home cooks and professionals who love talking about food and how to prepare it. Browse around our forums, use the search button to locate earlier threads on topics you're looking for, and have a great time.

We'll look forward to your posts, so come back often.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Hey Connie welcome. Sound like Sarge is a mighty fortunant fella to have put you in charge of the commisary. Dont be no lurker.

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