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roasting peppers

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Is it necessary to cover or place in a bag,roasted peppers ?
Does it make them easier to peel?
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Exactly how are you roasting them to begin with? Many people do it with tongs over a gas burner for a few minutes. If you have a lot, heat broiler. Place peppers, skin side up, on a foil-lined baking sheet; broil 4 inches from heat until charred, 18 to 20 minutes. Transfer to a large bowl. Cover with plastic wrap; steam 2 to 3 minutes. Using a paper towel, rub off pepper skins, reserving any juices in bowl.

So your answer is - yes. Putting them in a sealed container and allowing them to steam for a few minutes makes peeling easier.
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[QUOTE=mudbug]Exactly how are you roasting them to begin with? QUOTE]

LOL! I'll proffer some personal experiences, then you can make your choice.
I'd always roasted them in the oven ( broiler) but I found they were never completely roasted and you could only remove 80% of the skin.
Then a chef friend of mine was cooking one day. He oiled the peppers very lightly and placed them directly on the gas cooker ring. The peppers will turn black - not to worry, you can wash that off, and the result is wonderful.
Putting them into a bag simply allows the steam to turn into moisture, thus making it easier to remove the skin.
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If you have a small grill like a Weber Smokey Joe, heat up some hardwood charcoal and put them right on the grate. I've found this more quickly and uniformly blackens the exterior than putting them on the grates of a gas range, and you can do four to six at once. The hardwood charcoal nicely adds to the flavor, too, I feel. Never use briquettes for anything!

I throw them in a paper grocery bag for a couple minutes before peeling.


I like muskies, my wife doesn't like mushrooms.
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