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strange things people eat

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i was making a ham sandwich the other day, and my 4 yr old son asked me to make him one... but he wanted peanut butter and jelly on it... so this kid ate a ham and p.b. & jelly sandwich!! :crazy:
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Hey, at least he's eating a variety of foods! :rolleyes:

There's a popular Cuban sandwich (or at least it used to be popular years ago) of turkey, cream cheese, and strawberry jam, named Elena Ruz after the person for whom it was invented. That too sounds weird, but who knows? :lips:
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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Food is only strange when you go thru life and are exposed to a particular types of food and ingredients. What one human experiences can be completely different another human in say, Costa Rica or Thailand. I like to think that there is no "strange" food, only food that I have not had the opportunity to try yet!

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Ah...Ham Satay with a fruit coulis spread!

What about Monte Cristo Sandwiches? Turkey, ham, swiss, battered, deep fried and served with a Chocolate raspberry <melba?> sauce. At least that's the version I knew when I was about 10.

Personally I like hamburgers (rare, but unfortunately you can't get that any more unless you make them at home and trust your butcher) with peanuts and thousand island.

When I was little, I actually saw a very pregnant woman at a condiment bar (that was also connected to an ice cream bar) pile a mound of dill slices into a bowl and ladle it with chocolate sauce! Up till that point I had heard about it but just thought it was kind of a myth to illustrate odd food cravings. (you know...the 60's...)

Lemme see...what else...

Dipping french fries in a vanilla shake. Onion rings in strawberry...

Once my cousins and I decided to create our own version of a 'Dagwood' based on the comic strip.

Let's just say I haven't a clue what we didn't put on that thing (that wasn't already cooked) and it was about a foot tall. Yeah, we ate it. (No clue how we did that either!)

It's hard to say anything about "oddball" tastes at this point given the infinate combinations of food items. (trout ice cream with eyeball...BAHAHAHA!)

April :lips:
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two cheap ingredients can make up for one more expensive one

I remember a time when I had big eating ideas but all the money was spent. Well, okay, I mean more than usual, anyway.:mad: I discovered that various condiments in the refrigerator door functioned nicely when put to unorthodox use.:confused: You can use vinaigrette-type sauces (as long as they contain plenty of oil) in place of butter or olive oil for pan-frying sandwiches.;) You can work up a cheap home-made pesto sauce, or any type of sauce really, considering that the word 'pesto' merely refers to that which has been smashed together, as with a mortar and 'pestle'.:look: You can combine cream-based canned soups to pasta and macaroni and cheese dishes.;) You can infuse oils and vinegars with dried or fresh aromatic herbs or vegetables - and remember, certain produce items are the cheapest groceries you can by, period, like spinach, lemons, onions, etc.:p Even good old P, B & J can be made more interesting by sprinkling a little sugar (and maybe cinnamon or some other sweet-oriented seasoning) onto the bread and then pan-frying it like you would a melt.:rolleyes: Speaking of melts, just about any old sandwich can be made into an Italian-style 'carozza' creation, by dipping the sandwich into an egg batter and frying it (like French toast).:bounce: Rich or poor, we gotta eat to live, but we can also liven up our food, even if we can't afford more elegant ingredients.:chef:
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Wow! Some interesting, sideways takes on things, Adam. Nice site, too.

I used to eat Oscar Mayer ham and cheese loaf on cinnamon raisin bread when I was a kid. Years later I heard of serving ham with raisin sauce, and it made perfect sense to me. Later still, I learned of the sweet-sour-salty-hot line of thinking. I guess sometimes we discover this on our own. Kids love to make unusual sandwiches (pickles and peanut butter!) that later turn out to be haute cuisine!
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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i've always been a picky eater and hadn't tried alot of different foods. like spinach, in preschool i was forced to eat it and it used to gag me to the point of almost throwing up... and to this day, i will not touch it. just the smell turns my tummy. i had never tried asparagus until recently. i didn't like the smell of it and just figured i wouldn't like it. i tried it and it was pretty good. lately i've been alot more adventurous. i even bought a couple artichokes at the store last night!! i've never tried it. i don't know what the heck to do with it, but rachel ray said it was her favorite.. but i forgot how she prepared it that she liked it best. but i figured... what the heck, i might as well try it. i still haven't tried a brussel sprout!! i like cabbage, so if they are anything like that, i suppose i would like them. i've just always cooked what i know how to cook and what i know i like. now that i have more money to buy different things, i'd like to try them out and see how different things taste. i guess all these things are 'strange' to me because i've never had them. but i'm working on it!!
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He's 4. What else does he eat?

When I was 4, paste, dirt, and boogers were high up there, so I wouldn't think about it too hard.

I mean, seriously, unless he starts asking for broccoli or asparagus on a daily basis, assume he's a normally strange lil kid, ha ha.
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We have always loved banana (lightly crushed) and cheese sandwiches. When my eldest son was 5, he decided he wanted to make his own desert, so our server took him out the back and he came back with icecream, jelly and beetroot. It was at Pizza Hutt before they had dessert bars.
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When my middle boy was in kindergarden, I was making him ham and cheese with lettuce, tomato, bread & butter pickles, a great looking little sandwich. Everyday he was asking for the same sandwich. After a few weeks I ask "if he didn't want to try something else?"

"No, 'cause that's what Joey likes"

"What differance does that make?"

"Cause I give my samich to Joey and I get his ketch'it and baloney samich"
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I love pineapple or banana sandwiches. Just put slices between two pieces of ww bread slathered with Kraft mayo! I grew up eating that. I also love gouda cheese on chocolate chip cookies! Yes, I eat strange to some people but it works for me and I'm always adventurous enough to try other people's strange foods.
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Everybody seems to love ham and pineapple pizza but I think that's strange. Then again, I eat some things that everyone else things is strange such as fish egg stew or kimchi with cream cheese.
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stranger things people eat

Ive seen people eat bat under cooked. eggs hard boiled after the chick has strated to develop that means beak and eyes. Octopus tenecales : sucktion cups still attached "dangerous"so dont feel bad about what you eat it could be worse.:chef:
"Cooking is my Sport, Whats Yours?"
"Cooking is my Sport, Whats Yours?"
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Time to resurrect this thread again! :eek:
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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mmmm... chocolate ice-cream with onion rings.
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Not the craziest 2 but interesting.

I had an uncle that would put mayo on his pancakes and a friedn who would eat grape and may sandwiches.
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THAT made me laugh so hard... lol Ketch'it

i love kids
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Heathens! Heretics!!! *Everybody* knows you properly dip your french fries in **CHOCOLATE** shakes! (wanders off, sadly shaking her head at the perfidity of mankind)

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I'm doing some Croissants for a Summer Camp this week. 100 kids, oh no, ...

Croissant with ham, cream cheese, and guava jelly.
If you've never eaten one, you've never lived! LOL!!!
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No, no no!

If it's CHOCOLATE it has to be a malt!


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Well, now, I don't see any problem with that at all! All schisms of the great faith of chocolate shakedom are warmly received. It's only those.....those...."vanilla people" that you have to watch out for.

Praties (edited to remove an errant "e" that wandered in, evidently from some other post and tried to make its home here. Silly thing.)
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Strange foods people eat

I was offered a sandwich once, and expressed my opinion that anyone who would eat that combination would probably bay at the moon. But, wouldn't you know? I tried one, and was instantly hooked. Over the years I have introduced this sandwich to friends and family, and ended up hooking about 2/3 of them.

2 slices bread (variety does not matter, I like Roman Meal)
spread one slice with a nice thick layer of smooth peanut butter
cut about a 1/4 inch slice of mild onion (Bermuda, Vidalia, Walla Walla, etc)
place this on the peanut butter, then salt and pepper to taste.
Cover with second slice of bread.


The peanut butter tempers the onion, and it is quite delicious.

Note: you can use a more pungent onion if you wish, I just happen to prefer the milder varieties.
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You know, I'd never heard of that one, but I can see giving it a try. Hmmmm....

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An older gent has been getting that at the local A&W for years now. I've never been able to build up the courage to try it, but now that I've heard a second account of it, I think I will.
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Strange foods ?

I like the peanut butter and onion even better if I grille the sandwich first like grilled cheese and then add the raw onion.
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I grew up near Vidalia, GA and during the spring, they have an onion festival. My uncle participated in several of the onion eating contests they have. He loved peanut butter and onion sandwiches!
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Two slices of white bread... Miracle Whip.. I know, but I like it... Processed cheese slice, sweet bread and butter pickles... Nummers.....Going to try this with a medium cheddar I think

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