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Moving to Dallas/Restaurant scene

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Anyone here from Dallas? I have been visiting there for the past year and setting up to move there. I loove the food scene there and I would love to get to know someone from the area who can tell me more about the area.
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Well, whatcha want to know?
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OH hi there lol Well for one I am finding it tough to choose. I have applied everywhere and interviewed at some great and fabulous places. For the moment I am in Dallas but what is Houston and Austin like? Is their food scene just as booming?

What are some of the better restaurants there? I mean they all look so good Help lol
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Are you looking for places to work or places to eat? What types of places are you looking for, what types of food and style?

You are asking a very broad and unfocused question it is hard to answer.
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I want a broad answer or in essence tell me what you know about Dallas anything at all.

What are the jobs paying there in the industry?

Are there a lot of up and coming restaurants?

Dallas seems to have a nice very broad food base is Houston and Austin the same way?

I am not looking for any single cuisine I just want to know whats good as a whole. I will try any cuisine i have no single preference.

What do i cook on the other hand? Indian, Cajun, Creole, Southern Traditional
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Jobs pay anywhere from 6-8 an hour to 100k a year. Depends what you do. I would say typically with some experience you could make 12-14 an hour, depending on where you work. I'm not sure if you were talking about jobs in the Culinary Industry or not, but if you aren't then I suppose it would matter what you did. I'm not really qualified to tell you in that case.

Are there a lot of up an coming restaurants? Not sure what you mean. Dallas has a huge restaurant scene, and I remember reading it has the highest per capita number of restaurants in the country. There is every ethnic food, every level from 5 star to no star. There are a lot of exciting prospects opening in the next couple of years, most notably a few places in Victory Park (near American Airlines center where the Mavs and Stars play), and Dean Fearing, formerly of The Mansion on Turtle Creek, is opening his own place in the next 2 years or so as part of the Ritz/Carlten group.

Dallas is a huge sprawl, it just keeps going an going through a number of suburbs with no end. It's all the same. You'll drive for 20 minutes and pass the same stores 3 times. I could drive to 5 different Wal-Marts in less than half an hour. Other than the sameness its a great place to live...if you can stand the heat.

Hope I helped.
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thanks for the info :)
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