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NL Chefs! Short stage?

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My name is Steven C. Gregory, I am 21 and I will be flying into Amsterdam from New York in the begining of November. During my first trip 2 years ago I was amazed to see the variety of pastry and chocolate shops in and around the city. When I returned home I was inspired to volunteer my time to a local bakery 5 days a week for four months .The time spent encouraged me to look into an education in Pastry, I hope to enroll some time next year.

I feel the need to be immersed in a culture that takes so much pride in great pastries and chocolate as do the dutch. I am hoping that I may be able to work for a short time in either a restaurant or pastry/chocolate shop, I am ready and more than willing to mop or wash dishes in exchange for experience and possibly enough money to sleep. My one huge problem is that I do not speak any Dutch but I would very much like to learn.

* If there is anybody who is looking for or knows anyone looking for help That I could provide please contact me.I will not dissapoint and you will
not be sorry. My E-mail is Mr.Farenheight@hotmail.com

-Thank You-
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hey these are the best just give it a try and mail-write them personal

just at www

but i might say the belgian are even more proffesional about it and also almost evry belgian speaks english
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