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Hello all! Ive just been accepted in to Plymouth college of further education (pcfe) to do my "PROFESSIONAL CATERING CRAFTS". I cant waint to start and all that nevermind the fact that everything i need for the course is going to cost 215 quid lol. I was wandering if any of you have been to college for training and perhaps have some advice or experiances you would like to share with me.
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Take it for what it is, which is the ideal situation and circumstance, and skills training. Just be aware that the actual work you are training for is orders of magnitude more difficult.

Start by training your mind and body, never be tardy, always attend classes, respect your chefs, and ignore the slackers.

Focus, focus, focus.

You chefs can give you skills, only you can give yourself the determination, flexability, and work ethic it takes for a good outcome.
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