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Door County or south of

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Hello! I haven't posted for quite a while, but when I was in the Welcome Forum, I found a lot of neighboring Wisconsinites.

Going up to Door County on Sunday, Aug. 6, and wondered if anyone could recommend a dinner stop, or even possibly meet one of you who work there? It's a freestyle day; I need to check out the Wine-related businesses for art/logo ideas for a soon-to-open gourmet wine & food outlet here in the Appleton area. (I don't drink, but it's turning into a fun project, including mural painting!)

-Thanks and sorry for the short notice!
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Look at Pete's post here:
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Anohter good place to check out is Trio. Forget which town it is in, but had a really good dinner there a few years back. I believe the place is still in operation.
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Thanks, looks like Trio is in Egg Harbor, and has great write-ups.
I did find that older post about Sturgeon Bay. We'll probably check some menus and availabilities at each stop. Never have had a bad day in Door Co, even in winter (we stayed at Wagon Trail in January)!
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