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For the first time in my memory, which is shaky at best, the local grocers have fresh enoki for sale. I've been googling recipes, browsing through my books, but can't find any recipe that is used to highlight them. I asked a couple former cooks I worked with, and came up with complete bollock ideas.

I've tasted them raw, and found them to be very nicely flavoured, but mild, while each of them said they were a strong flavoured shroom =/

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas that will highlight these rare, to me, mushrooms.
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Enoki, that's what you can do...

BASICALLY you use them like any other 'mushroom'
put them raw in a salad ( some nice frissee, raddiccio, brussel endives, cherry tomatoes, gives a nice colorfull salad) drizzzle with balsamic vinegar and pumpkin seed oil..

quickly saute and put over small steaks, medallions or fillet mignons.

and last (as i do..) saute finely chopped onions, a little bit garlic, add enoki, saute for a minute and add an egg, scramble the whole lot and put it on toast,sprinkle with finely sliced chives or green onions. for breakfast...
good food, one of the few pleasures left to mankind...
good food, one of the few pleasures left to mankind...
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You can stir fry them with thinly sliced pork tenderloins.

Firstly, fry some minced garlic till it starts to yellow. Add tenderloins and enoki and continue stir frying for a minute or two. You can add carrots strips for colour.

Add half cup of warm water, 1 or 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and
white pepper to taste.

Once tenderloin is cooked and sauce has reduced, add a bit of corn starch (corn flour mixed with water) to thicken the sauce. Sprinkle some spring onions to garnish.
Visit my site on home-cooked Asian recipes!

Visit my site on home-cooked Asian recipes!

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I get them here regularly, theyre farmed in Ontario... We use them as a plate garnish for our a la carte steaks, sauteed in hot veal fat with crispy shallots... Last week we placed them on a plate raw, covered them with a lobster foyot and bruleed with a torch, served underneath mushroom dusted halibut.... dropped raw into soups is obviously a traditional method, but a delicious one. Sitting here typing this, tempura seems like a decent idea. As does wrapping some sole around a bunch of them, steaming and then covering them with a glacage...
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Boy, have I got some recipes to try!

Keep 'em coming.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Think Vietnamese.
Take a rice wrapper, rehydrate it.
Julienne cucumbers, carrots, ad cilatro, fresh mint, some thai basil, and Enoki mushrooms. Roll up like an ice cream cone. Serve with a dipping sauce like raspberry soy, peanut sauce, or a mild coconut curry sauce.
Great apps for hot nights! Fresh, crisp, and wonderful!!

Also great addition to a mango chicken salad with some "heat", on greens.
Or classic Vietnamese street food sandwiches. Thin sliced meat and julienned veggies, cilantro, mint. But must have the right bun...think cheap buns. Like a really soft hoagy. I find then in Hispanic groceries, as well as Asian.
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"Modern classic" japanese approach is wrapping in bacon. Use a tooth pick if needed. Roast or pan fry and roast.
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Japanese Style.

Have them pan fried in the clarified butter, falvoured with "mirin" ( japanese rice wine) and serve with beef steak. Now thats very japanese if you make the japanese styled steak. ( they don't serve the whole pieceof meat but the beef is cubed in to pieces )
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