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making an herb oil

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i have been making my cilanto/ parsley oil by blanching my herbs and shocking them squeezing out all of the water and blending this with oil in the blender anyone have other methods and a way to make purple basil oil without it turning brown thanxs for the help
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People stop blanching herbs for oil. For chrissakes mons!
You add water to the mix, lose flavor etc etc.
So you ask, "wont my oil lose color?!".

Ehhm no. That's because you're going to heat up the oil(blended, canola, grape seed) to 215f and pour it over the herbs in your blender. Proccess.
Careful. Do not close the top completely(scalding your face is so last millenium). Let the steam go off for about two minutes. Strain in a very fine mesh.
If you make a large batch you might want to work the strained solids afew more time with more oil.
Let the strained mix sit for a day and decant.


The color will last ages the flavor too.
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