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Who Am I?

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Honestly, I would like nothing better than to sell everyone of you a Wireless Point of Sale! However, my motive has never been "make money at all cost!". What I am is a guy who knows how to make electronic things work well. That is what I am good at. I am far from a great salesman LOL

I have plenty of cooking experience from a previous career. I learned from the stepfather, John Jellison Certified Chef in Wisconsin. He passed several years ago, but I learned plenty from him quality and consistency which I also applied in my 20 year old electronic career. He was a much better chef than he was a father... that's another story for the camp fire. I cooked for many fine restaurants and a resort... had numerous good times and plenty of hard work. Everyone should experience restaurant work in order to truly respect it!

For the last twenty years, I have been working with wireless logistic systems used in large warehouses for inventory control. I worked for over 400 large corporations as they attempted to handle their growing inventory logistic issues. All systems were 24hours X 365 days a year... no downtime allowed. All systems were critical! I learned, observed, and worked with wireless systems as they developed into what they are today.

Since 2001... my niche in wireless declined via the technology advancements. As technology evolved... warehouse IT staff installed and maintain their own wireless like any other networked PC. I became obsolete. I had to make a change. I was strongly leaning toward Wireless GPS Golf Course Management Systems. For a year or so, I worked to develop such a system, but I learned quickly Wisconsin Golf Courses don't have the funds and/or the need for such specialized wireless GPS systems. Being a golfer... I would had love em though LOL. It still wouldn't turn me into a Tiger Woods!

During the development of the golf system... I stumbled upon a man who had an equal amount of experience in low level PC programming as I did with wireless electronic networked systems. He had already built a basic wireless POS. We put our heads together and continued to develop a truly unique wireless Point of Sale system for restaurants. We have been working diligently to perfect the system. It was built with wireless and technology experience from the ground up. It is an awesome system which works great and we are very proud of it.

To me, it is more important to offer something which works. So often in electronics... you purchase one thing and have to make do with less than steller or something which doesn't work as intended or expected. My early lessons of "plate presentation" are still with me. It has to taste good too!

So that brings me to today. I have been analyzing restaurants and their Point of Sale systems for a long time. I have many polarizing observations I would love to share here. I am not sure if they would be appropriate or not. In a quest to create the ultimate wireless POS system... we need input.

In a nut shell... the things the name brand POS systems do for restaurateur's today is no different than what they did 10 years ago... data entry and empty the restaurateur's pockets. Most all electronic devices have substantially dropped in price in the last few years, but name brand POS systems have remained outrageously expensive! :beer: Another observation... wireless data communication has been viable since 1984... yet POS companies avoided it, why? Because they make so much more money selling fixed stations. I could go on and on, and into the guts of the systems. Technology is not something to fear... it is an asset if applied properly.

I want to learn from the Chef's here by hearing their concerns of technology. How many make use of the bell an whistles being sold by the name brand POS suppliers. There is no comparisant between marketing glossy's and the real line works. Our POS takes into consideration the "customer's" time... their experience... their satisfaction. Not many POS systems even consider your customer's experience.

I am writting an article about how the vendors/suppliers of restaurants... during the startup and beyond take as much meat as possible without any concern whether or not they (the restaurant) remains in business. It's a doggy dogg world! Restaurant owners are facing profit busting on all levels. I think it's something worth talking about.

Well... there you go... that's why I am here. I feel it is better to tell the truth than post a few questions and then answer them with a sales pitch later. I want to learn from you chefs and owners. Your input will make our product better. If nothing else... I'm sure I will have a great time talking with you restaurant peeps... Restaurant people are talented and some of most interesting people on earth! Quick witt and smart... they have to be! And, if I happen to sell a POS while learning something... well, then my worries are over LOL

Robert Lehman
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Welcome, and good luck in your quest. Be sure to browse the forums and have a look at all we have to enjoy here!

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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