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pizza problem

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I was given a electric deck pizza oven. The thing kind of sucks. Is there any way of making a decent pizza from this? Or is it a lost cause?
Im taking about thin crust pizza. Any imput appreciated.
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Is it your dough, crust, toppings? You said crust. Im thinking its not browning enough. Try spraying or brushing it with an oil and maybe cornmeal the bottom Question: Why don't you use your oven and a pizza stone?
professionalism .
professionalism .
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Best Pizza

Hi... one of the best pizza's I ever had (in San Jose, CA) was made in a VERY HOT oven with lots of olive oil on the pan... you may want to try that. If that does not work... USE A PIZZA STONE....
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If browning is your problem add a little honey, sugar, malt syrup or molasses to your dough. May want to up the yeast a bit, although the sugar will act as a catalyst for the yeast. The more air in the crust the faster convection process the crustier the crust. Also what is your hydration ratio in your dough
water/flour. Thin crust will want to be a bit drier. Also you can alway line an oven with firebrick. what exactly is your oven type. I alway thought a deck to be lined with stone any way. Are you using pans or screens.

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