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OK...I KNOW there has got to be something I am missing. I have tried NUMEROUS bread recipes and techniques in an attempt to get that flavorful, air-pockety, crusty, delicious bread that you usually find in nicer restaurants and bakeries--artisan bread. But nothing I have tried gives me those air bubbles, cheweyness and crust. I can get some pretty flavorful bread but that is where it ends.

So my question is this: is the addition of steam to the baking process THE element that I am missing?

In my last batch of chiabatta bread, I added some steam to the baking process. With that, I did get a thin layer of the bubbly bread on the tops of my loaves. Tomorrow I am trying LOTSA steam to see if that works. Any other tips? Does adding additional gluten to the breads help to get my desired results? I have experimented with different amounts of yeast, proofing and kneading times, and doing baking soda for leavening--no luck.

I am just plain tired of getting dense and semi-dense bread that one would expect from a bread machine--ESPECIALLY after all the extra effort I have been putting into my loaves. Light, bubbly, chewey, crusty...that is my aim.
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