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Robot Coupe

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We use a Robot Coupe slicer in our restaurant and recently one of the blades on the slicing disc has chipped. These blades are held onto the disc with screws and logically it would seem that they could be replaced by removing the screws. Unfortunately, I've not found any sources for just the blades. The only sources I've been able to find for new blades sell only new discs with the blades attached for $175 to $200.

Does anyone on this forum know of a source for just the blades? I've looked at all the Google results for "Robot Coupe" and no joy.
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No help on the blades, but I noticed your terminology...

"...all the Google results for "Robot Coupe" and no joy."

That's an unusual expression. Are you a former fighter pilot or interceptor controller? It's part of the lingo of that business.

Just wondering. :rolleyes:

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Old habits die hard.
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Just sharpen the chipped part. I've worked with people who use the robot coupe for ice crushing, and a little love with a hone afterwords is all that is needed for it to work properly again...

I think sabatier (diamond logo) makes the blades...try there.

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