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Nacho Cheese

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:chef: Just a small question. What is the primary flavoring of nacho cheese? That one flavor that is distinct to nacho cheese. By trying a ton of things I think I have come to the conclusion that it’s green Jalepenos. Here lies the rub. If I use these green peppers it will make the cheese unpalatable (too hot). Is there a way to kill the heat and keep the flavor? I roasted a green Jalepeno and though that might tame it a little (I don’t tolerate heat too well). I skinned it I removed the center vain and the seeds. I took a bite. Then as the gentle warm flavor danced on my tongue the heat came. “DEAR GOD! Of all the things that are in heaven and earth why did I have to eat this one!" I screamed. Needless to say it was not a happy moment or one that I care to re-live. So anyone out there have any suggestions.
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I think the pickled ones are tamer. Not tons. The best way to control heat is to remove the ribs and seeds. Peppers get hotter too as you near the stem. Work with the tip only, chop it fine so you only get a tiny bit. Not as much pepper flavor that way though.

You might also try a New Mexico green chile, very mild heat, good chile flavor. They're more seasonal. You can buy them canned, frozen and so on. Poblanos are in between jalapeno and NM chiles.
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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Mix boiled jalapeño (without vein and seeds) with cream in the blender.
Then add this cream to the solid cheese, melt, and you have the nacho cheese.

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Ummm...what kind of 'nacho cheese' are we talking about?

We talking about the cheese wiz stuff from 7-11, or a home made con queso dip?

For the former, just get a log of Velveta and melt it. (sad...so sad...) :cry:

For a home made dip there are all kinds of recipes out there.

Other than the Jalapeno thing, what kind of result are you looking for based on the type of nacho sauce you are envisioning? Like, what have you had that you are trying to replicate?

Give us a clue...:lips:

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Substitute Anaheim, Pablano or bananna peppers for the jalaps. Be sure to remove the seeds and vein like April and epicous have already suggested.
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Different chilis.

OK, I was assuming you were looking for that classic commercial mix. I personally love poblanos. Anaheims taste like your little cans of diced green chilis. All of these have a very different flavor and it depends on what you are after.

Jalapeno are by far the most classic for poppers and for the heat on nachos.
(I personally love Trappey's as far as a commercial brand)

I love Poblanos for chili rellenos. Nothing like them. Anaheim are a far second. Make sure you fire roast to blacken the skin.

You might try fire roasting the jalapenos then cleaning, skinning, veining and seeding them before using them. I've found that the roasting does take the heat down a little bit.

But then.........it may not be the flavor you're looking for. So give us a clue!

(yeah, I grew up a couple of hundred miles from the border...)
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Well actualy.

We went to Max and Ermas restaurant and had soup called tortilla soup. It tasted distinctly likes nacho cheese I was trying to replicate the same soup at home.:blush:
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Why not look for a tortilla soup recipe? It is basically a "caldo de pollo" (Mexican version of chicken soup) mixed with fried tortilla strips and usually topped with some shredded white cheese, like asadero, although meunster is a good substitute. They probably included some green chiles in the broth, but for that type of dish it would not be a jalapeño, it would be one of the larger ones.
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If you're looking to cut corners ...

Campbells makes a pretty decent nacho cheese soup. Actually I think they've got a 'cheddar' and a 'jack' version. I've used then for sauce bases. You could doctor it to get it the way you want it. The lighter version works really well for chicken dishes.

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Wow. All this talk about roasting chillies, peppers and southwestern cooking... Guess what's for dinner. Quesadillas. Hehehe

Never tried the Campbells stuff April. I do like the authentic stuff better and Velveta allbeit "hokey" if ya blend it with the coirrect ingredients you end up with one heck of a Chillie con Queso.

As far ast the Tortilla soup goes If you're not doing home made Bear Creek? from the grocery stores has an okay one. I only make my own and it gets made after I make chicken filling for Burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas. It has all sorts of stuff in it rangin from tomatillos to pablanoi chillies. Just throw the left overs in a soup pot, add some toasted corn, a little chicken stock, reseason to taste and some corn tortilla strips. I like to add some for a thickener and the some crushed chips or strips on top. Add a nice slice of avocado and some asedero or marchega (sp?) on top and good to go.
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