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broken sauces

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i know it's happened to everybody...you've got a nice sauce going...and then, 'bam'! what do you know? it breaks on you! in the heat of the moment, you're weeded 30 heads deep, 15 tickets in the window that only holds 18, or maybe you've got 25 tickets at your station in a restaurant that seats 300...either way, someday, that sauce is gonna break. you're gonna hafta deal with it...do you make it anew; or can it be fixed???

The Wild Orchid Grille,
Raleigh, NC

p.s. we can...how would you handle it?
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I say if you can salvage it, then do so. If it's not salvagable, you're screwed.

God knows, I still have a tendency to break hollandaise like there's no tomorrow.
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As a general rule, you get the good stuff and mix the broken stuff back into the good. Works for most sauces.

If you're slammed, then reheat that extra pan in the reach in. :)

If you're using bechamel, reach for the cream. ;)

No other sauce should break.
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Bechamel rarely breaks on me, probably beucase I use it ALOT, Hollandaise however, sometimes still does in my kitchen... What I do, if it is not toooooo bad, is add a couple of more yolks, and more seasoning and whisk your brains out... if it is totally screwed, then you need to start over... granted Hollandaise is a kinda difficult sauce, it does not take that long to make from scratch....
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