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Food and travel

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I am a chef from India working since last 6 years. Offlately 've realised that working in a hotel can get very monotnous at times. I always wanted to travel the world and learn new cuisines and cultures.

Does any one know about similar opportunities where I can travel and still be linked to food somehow...

Help would be appreciated.

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Charter Chef

If you want to travel and be a chef getting into the charter chef or being a yacht chef is a good idea. There are many mega-yachts and smaller boats who need chefs, it is a GREAT way to see the world, make some money and make connections. The main drawback is that you have to live on the boat so of course continually moving.

do some checking online for crew finders, there are many companies who just find crew for yachts/mega-yachts.

Or doing seasonal work, 6 months one place 6 the next and so on.
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seek and you will find

I'm from New Zealand and the last past three years, have been working 7 months in NZ and go overseas for 4 months working, it is GREAT like Eclipse write.
Use the web site in any recruitement agency around the world, Choose the country you'd like to go to cook and visit> Send your CV to these agency stipulate when you are looking for a job and for how long.
the rest will follow. The only think I suggest is that you have the money to pay for your plane ticket, that's a very big plus if you can go on your own expense because if you don't like the job you are not obligated to stay.
Hope I could be of any help. I'm looking for somebody from December to March. If you interested, now you know what to do.:chef:
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