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Does anyone have any dessert recipes that uses stevia instead of sugar? I use it in coffee, tea, and whipped cream but am not certain about its replacement for sugar in actual recipes. Thank you.
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I don't, but I can steer you to some online:

Recipes using stevia.

Let us know what you try and how they turn out.

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The conversion to stevia from sugar is brand specific. The brand website should give you sugar equivalents.

I find that I can tolerate the aftertaste of stevia in coffee and tea, but when it comes to desserts that require large amounts of sweetener (like chocolate baked goods), it tastes horrible to me. I've even tried combining it with other sweeteners (such as splenda) to help mitigate the aftertaste, and it still ruined the flavor of the end product.

I've also tried using different brands- to no avail.

So, for the time being, I'll only use stevia in tea and coffee. For baking, I use a blend of sweeteners, including splenda.
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I'm glad to see that other people use stevia. I use it mainly for health reasons (suger=bad, artificial sweeteners=worse), but I also enjoy the taste of stevia as well (I'm a big anise fan).

Unfortunately, I don't really have any helpful dessert recipies or links. But, I can offer a tid-bit of information. In many dessert recipies, sugar is used not only to add sweetness, but to provide some chemical properties which aid in baking as well. Replacing the "sweetness" of sugar with stevia might yield a similar flavor profile. But it most likeley won't reproduce the same "mouth" feel . You probably already knew that though, seeing as your asking for stevia recipies.
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