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Pork Belly

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Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I last posted. I now finally have a restaurant and have had a very busy 1st year. We served breakfast and lunch up until now. We open for dinner in about two wks. I have waited to own a restaurant for years, and finally I found one that 1) I could afford and 2) one that was right for me. Yea! I am finalizing my menu now and I am anxious to have pork belly on my menu. However, I need advice about how to present it and prep it as well. I have searched the web and have found only a few recipes. I tasted it in NYC a few months ago and just fell in love with it. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks! W
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How was it prepared when you tasted it? Please describe the texture and flavor. There are many ways to cook pork belly.
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I cut it into about 8 sections, brine it overnight. Pat it dry, throw it in the deep fryer, braise in sherry and some water for 6 to 8 hours, usually pulling it out and straining the braising liquid through a cheesecloth twice to remove all the fat that will float to the top of the pot. I serve about a 4 oz piece on top of an aromatic risotto with pom pom mushrooms, and we shred some and use it to stuff an empanada like pastry. I have served it with lobster tail and large Scallops before as well. Usually ill just throw the 4 oz portion back in the deep fryer for a minute to serve.
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how bout slow roasting it in the oven until the skin turns into a crackling, i'm not very big into deep-frying it, you can roast a whole slab, or roll the whle slab up before your roast it, that way, when you slice into the roll, the outside would be cracklings and inside would be nice and tender.... *sigh* i love pork!!!!!!!!!!!
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