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Trans Fat!

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I'm sure we all have opinions about this situation.

Same as foix gras. Only Chicago is seeming to be determined to be ahead of some sort of food fight by banning both.

My personal opinion is that society is SO intent on saving people they forget that we have gone through decades of evolved digestive tracts.

I don't know about you but I've noticed more physical problems in the general populace since people have been brainwashed into these weird A'd diets over the past couple of decades or so.

Heck, look at Julia Child. In her 90's and eating clasical french food for virtually EVER. :lips:

I'll believe them when they can actually prove when I would kick and prove that eating different would make me live 2x that.

Life's too short to eat bad food.

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Viva la Revolution!:bounce: :D ;)
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Margarine is 'good food'? You want to defend trans fats? You might as well ***** about people who say bud tastes like **** because so many people swear by getting drunk off of it.

Butter doesn't have trans fats. Olive oil doesn't have trans fats. ****ing Margarine and Crisco have trans fats. They can be very, very useful when you want a solid room temperature fat, but they taste like ****. Cakes made with crisco taste like Rodeo to me.

Honestly, I don't really know where you're coming from. You must have one **** of a happy hour. Evolution? Julia Child? I'm so ****ing drunk right now that I'm taking you seriously, and I still don't get it.
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I'll tell you what...

When you sober up I'll explain it...

:beer: :beer: :beer: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
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ok. Are you talking about deep fried foods fried in the same oil over a very long period? Besides margarine and crisco I can't think of anything else that has trans fats. If that's the case, are you saying that deep fried foods cooked in old oil are not unhealthy?
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I believe April is saying that trans fats are more unhealthy than pure butter or olive oil.

Just check the ingredients on packaged food in your grocery store. If you see "hydrogenated (or partially hydrogenated) vegetable oil" then it contains trans fat. To me, it's an easy way to put something back on the shelf. It's five times worse for your health than animal fat.

Trans fat increases the shelf life of processed packaged foods and of oil in fryers. But it decreases human shelf life. Trans fat is trans fat whether it is new or old.

To learn more, go here.
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The key is eating in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle and excercise regularly. Don't we ALL know that!:lol:
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The key is to follow the lobbyist.
Sugar and additive companies keep this going. It's perfectly clear to me that additives and sugar are the culprits of unhealthy people.
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I don't believe it was just Trans Fats they are after. Next it will be all animal fats then red meats. Heck ya can't even get a good MR burger in half the country because some Politician with his/her head up his/her arse decided they needed a new purpose.

I think it's more about freedom of choice for me. As long as what I do doesn't affect the health and well being of the people around me then it's my own business.

Like so many things, we go of the deepend on tangents to right some cataclysmic wrong in society. What is cataclysmic is how much we act like sheep in a flock.

We follow or latch on to whatever some new lunatic out there says we need to start doing. I have a feeling that these folks/lunatics are sitting back counting the millions that the flock dishes out and having one heluva laugh.

Anyhow for what it's worth, I want to live my life more like my Grandparents did. Hard to explain but I can say it was simple and they didn't try to cram 30 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day. They also didn't worry about eating meat, butter, fried foods, carbohydrates, sugars, (or in my Great Uncles case) a shot of Old Crow after Breakfast, mid morning, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner and before bed. All these folks from my family lived to be well into their 90's. Must be something to it. Anyhow maybe for me this is hindsight given my current gimpy/disabled situation but ya know better late than never.
There's allot more that can be said but.... Time for a shot of Old Crow (actually Evan Williams in my case):D

Not that I do but I will eat what I want, when I want and how I want and if happens to be 4 lbs of Fois Gras and a whole bucket of the Colonels finest then so be it....but it will be at home I guess. LOL
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Apparently the powers that be feel that prolonging peoples life spans should be priority number one... However doesnt that seem counterproductive. The longer people live the more of them there are around, which means the more resources are needed out of a dwindling supply. Social security in the united states is one example... The reason the system will fail is because everyone is living 20 years longer than the sytem was originally created for. The air we breath nowadays is bad for us, and peoples priorities are on banning foods that might eventually have negative consequences. None of these decisions really have the masses welfare in mind, they simply have the politicans and their interest groups welfare in mind. Now if youll excuse me, typing this post has kept me from sopping up the blood left on my steak and eggs plate with my toast.
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As a resident culinarian in Chicago, I am somewhat saddened by the restrictions our legislation is imposing on what ingredients i can/cannot use.

Rick Tramonto of Tru was disappointed when he was forced to take some of Tru's signature dishes off the menu because of the Foie Gras ban.

What's going to be the next thing restricted from us?
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