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Tortilla stacks

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Hi, had a beautiful lunch a while ago and are after some recipes for tortilla stacks ....including chicken, pumpkin, baby spinich, feta, tomato, chutney,char grilled, veg....ect anything tasty !!!They had about 4/5 layers and were baked in a 11/12 " round tin with cheese/or white sauce over them,then sliced into wedges. Also what brand/ sort of tortilla would I use... Thanks ....:lips:
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Normally my first instinct would be corn...

...but since you mentioned chutney, white sauce and spinach I'd guess flour.

Any good commercial tortilla brand would work fine.

I don't typically like flour tortillas except for burritos or quesadillas. But I found they are a great replacement for Naan with curry and chutney.

All commercial brands are pretty much the same with not a whole lot of variety in flavor or consistency.

So where did you have this dish? It sounds good.

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Heck. You may want to ditch the tortillas all together and make that dish with crepes!
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...or sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of filo dough!
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Tortilla stacks...

Back again,I had these stacks at a small cafe on the Gold coast (QL) Australia...and thought of taking the shortcut of using tortillas rather than crepes was a good idea and they were really nice.My boss just made some for lunch and was MMMMM !!Pumpkin, Chicken,Sun dried toms, spinich,fetta...I couldnt believe the uproar with spinich over in the US...havn't heard a thing here !??Thanks for the tortilla advice CIAO :o
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Australia is very different from the cuisine they have in the US.

Yes, the white sauce was probably a bechamel.

I didn't hook on the "pumpkin" reference. Pumpkin in Oz is "squash" here. Like pumpkin soup. Beautiful.

They also have a wide variety of pumpkins that they don't have here...Qld Blue, Japanese...

I suppose you could substitute but they are far more flavorful in Oz and very different.

Did the 'tortillas' seem crepe-ish or did they seem tortilla-ish. Only you can tell. A true flour 'tortilla' in the US is very different from a crepe. I don't know if you've had Indian cuisine but a flour tortilla is similar to a Naan or a lighter fluffier version of Pita bread. Also Mexican corn tortillas are very different still (which they don't have a lot of in OZ so I would seriously doubt if this is even in the running here...)

Are we getting close?

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