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Winter Melon

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Hello all!

I am trying to experiment with winter melon. However, I am wondering what kind of flavoring or seasoning I could use beside just salt. I want to compliment the suttle flavor of winter melon with something else...Help!!!
Thanks in advance!
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Exactly what are you trying to make with it?

I assume you're referring to the following "winter melon"?

Try making soup. Dice into 1 inch pieces. Use a mild chicken broth for the base. Add some ground pork (just enough to add to the texture, not a lot) and a hint of salt and pepper. You can add clear rice noodles as well. The pork will flavor the soup just the right amount.
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Winter melon

Hey mudbug!
Thanks for the reply! =) One of my aunties gave me 2 of them. Anyways, I used one to make the soup last night. It was very good! Now, I have another question...What else can you do with winter melon? Thanks!
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You're welcome. I hope your soup turned out well.

You can sautee, stir fry, deep fry, and candy winter melon. Experiment!

There are some recipes online you might want to browse here.
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