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Hi I am a Pastrycook in a small rural town in Victoria,Australia. I work part time in a Bakery and also a Cafe, cooking and a bit of waitressing. I am married with four primary aged kids, all at school this year, so back to work a few more hours...This Forum is great ...I have posted a few times but am a lot better cook than computer operator !!!Its great to read about other "foodies" like me, and the recipes.......Thanks...:roll:
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Hello Jox. With all of that going on, I'm surprised you have time for the computer at all!

Please visit us in the pastry forums and do tell us more about what you do. It's a pleasure to meet you!
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Thanks for the welcome..

:roll: Love your cakes momoreg....I do a few Kids cakes ..in buttercream, Disney/ cartoon characters....etc and heaps of special occasion mud, but not so many plastic iced novelty cakes.See you around the chat room....
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