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private club's

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I would be greatful to hear from other's who are at private club's,and how do they control there food cost ,as well as dealing with their board of trustee's WHO are not restraunt people,and how or why does it seem so difficult to seperate the club from the rest.?

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Good Afternoon,
1. Focus on the culinary and stay out of the politics
2. Is the club managed directly through the board members or is there a hire chain of command as general manager, F&B and so on.
3. Find out what the budget is for food and labor and how it was developed.
4. Everything needs to be costed and proofed, then priced to whatever the food cost projections are. Make sure you leave space for member abuse (what they pay for and what they just get)
5.Ask them what they want ( the board the proof out the cost then let them decide) Put the ball back in there ball park, it is safer and much more defined.
6.Cost special events properly and add minimum 10% for those who don't show or pay.
If and when you want some other info write back, remember to listen to all replies and sift them out to what applies to you.
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easier said than done

Thank you for the Imput , you are SO correct about just focusing on the food!
But part of the problem , is the front of the house "manager", or as I prefer to call him "drunken Thief",He will give away the house if I dont watch him like a hawk,for example ,the week prior to my boss walking out and quiting after 13 years ,was she was told to sit on her paycheck , it would bounce , well that same week ,we came up short 5 cases of miller light ,and guess what his beverage of choice is? And maybe if that beer had been sold , her check would not bounce
I have asked board members , trusttees, if he had compromising pictures of them , because in the real world , for what he has taken , stole , given away , lost, he would have been let go ALONG time ago , but yet know one cares.
There was a nice front page article in the local paper about the building being put up for sale ,so they can get out of debt,employee's had NO clue,what a rude awaking for them !
It is as if they are intentionaly letting the place fail ,like there is some fincial gain for the board members,if the club were to fail after 73 years.
I dont get it ,I have worked in some crazy places but this one keeps me scratching my head .
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Sounds like there is more going on then meets the eye. It is very apparent cash flow is is poor to zero. I do not know your location but you might want to start to search for a new position. From my first impression it sounds like it is being set up for condo's or houses. Just a wild guess.
Take care of your family and yourself. Board members move like a slow whales going side to side and moving forward very slowly. If the front end manager has a tendancy to give away food and booze, they are only burning members and employees. Move forward fast and take care of yourself. Don't burn bridges as member may also be involved. Be Careful
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Hey...don't insult whales!

Seriously dude... run...go find something IM MED IA TE LY!

What makes you think your check is going to be made out of a different rubber than the manager?

I'm thinking legal recourse for owed wages at this point because I'm guessing that you won't see any back wages. Even if you do, you don't know when the faucet is going to run dry.

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It's quite possible that the Board of directors in that club are not yet aware of the ,apparent, finacial bind that is currently at hand. It is very likely that the GM, or manager, or whoever is answerable for food and beverage costs has not yet informed the board of the impending doom. Members like to get alot for their membership fees, but I don't think closing the club is on their want list. Might be a good idea that a little birdy whisper some current 'Insider info' into the ear of one of the board members. You may well see a huge amout of soup hit the fan...and the situation change for the better quite quickly.

Good luck

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On the other hand, if the food side is catered out to a company seperate from the club...packing your bags may well be the best move, 'cause that company ain't long for that club.
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