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Online cookbook

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I’m trying to assemble a cookbook library but I am on a limited budget. What types of cookbooks do you have in your library and why?
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I'd assume most people who are serious cookbook collectors want the best books in that genre or find what appeals most to their preferences in cooking and cooking style.

If you're on a budget, check out used book stores. I usually find something I'm interested in. You can often find newly released books that people have received as gifts and didn't want. As well as old, out of print books which have classic recipes that previous generations would have made for their "home cooking".
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mudbug put it better than I could ever have. Style. Thats what its all about. What type cuisine are you interested in? I would be here a while if I started listing all the books in my collection but the few I refer to most I will list as a courtesy:

(1). "Cookwise" Shirley O Corriher
(2). Jacques Pepins "Complete Techniques"
(3). Food Substition Bible by David Jacquim
(4). On Food and Cooking by Harold Mcgee.
(5). The Professional Pastry Chef Bo Friberg
(6). The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef Bo Friberg.

If you are on a budget go to E-Bay you can get a lot of books way below what you would pay retail for but know what the book sells for in your local bookstore first you don't want to pay more than what you could buy it for new.

Rgds Rook
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but if you're looking for ONLINE cookbooks like your thread title sez, try these:






I hope this helps! I use the first two more than any others. :chef:
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This is a great recipe site

I reference this one all the time


I sometimes use Allrecipes.com but I find that they tend to be a little too mainstream for me. Bon appetit is a little more adventurous and the reviews a incredibly helpful because you can really adjust the recipe based on other peoples input. Although that is also true of "All Recipes".
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