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Hello from Philly

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I am new to the board and found it when I Googled The Restaurant School vs. The Art Institute Philadelphia. Finally a place with at least some honest conversation about culinary programs!
I'd prefer to stay in the Philly area while I attend a culinary program - however, I will relocate to attend the best program for me (whatever that is). I am in my sophomore year and doing well at a highly rated liberal arts college. However, my gut and heart tell me that I should have ignored my parents advice, followed my heart and gone from high school directly to a culinary program.
I plan to finish this semester and possibly another at this college and then apply to a respected culinary program for Fall '07. The reviews of the various culinary programs across the U.S. seem so inadequate and I am having a hard time trying to distinguish between the BS & the little actual info that is available. I am hoping to get some solid advice from the members here.
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Hello Dangel and welcome to Chef Talk. This is a great place to come when the paths in your life include a possible journey to culinary school. I trust you'll read the culinary students/culinary schools forum- and don't forget to use the search tool to dig back farther in time to earlier discussions on topics that will aid your decision-making. I can tell you that as a general principal you can't go wrong adding to your general education by continuing your studies at a liberal arts college. You'll know when the moment comes to move on.

Please make yourself comfortable here; read, participate, and have some fun too! We'll look forward to your posts.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Thank you for the warm welcome. This site has been very helpful to me so far. I have found a lot of useful information and links to other useful sites as well. If only there were more time in my day to spend here!
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Welcome Dangel

Welcome to the forum Dangel. I'm new here myself but it is a great place.

I'm sorry I can't help you with culinary schools. I'm interested in Philly Cheese Steaks though. In fact last night I watch Bobby Flay doing them!

Since you are from Philly I was hoping you could give me some home grown insight.

Thanks and have a great day Dangel.
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Philly comfort food

Jayco, I can't give you "home grown" insight b/c I am from NYC originally. I didn't see Bobby Flay's version of a cheesesteak, but if you want the real deal you have to go to the source - South Philly. The original was invented by Pat's Steaks and their's is great. My personal favorite is Geno's. Geno's does a fast-paced high volume business and is not for the customer who likes to be "stroked". For pampering go to Deux Cheminees (but they don't do cheesesteaks)!
Thanks for the welcome.
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