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Sunkist Anti-Dumping

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sunkist Growers announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission and the U.S. Commerce Department have initiated antidumping duty investigations on imports of lemon juice from Argentina and Mexico. The petition, filed by Sunkist Growers, alleges that these imports are being sold in the United States at unfair prices, below both their own third country prices and their own cost of production, causing material injury to the domestic U.S. lemon juice industry.
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This is an issue you find with virtually everything. For instance, up here in Ontario, General Motors has laid off several thousand workers and Ford has closed off 1 of their larger plants here in Ont. At the same time, Honda is considering of opening up an assembly factory up here to meet the demand of their Civic series.

The problem is, because of so many standards (minimum wage, product quality, taxes) everything made in North America is so much more expensive compared to places like India, China, Mexico, etc. I saw an article on a guy who toured the ECS factory in China that makes computer motherboards and as impressive the faucility is, the workers only get like $200-$300/month but it amounts to a lot in the local currency and its the same story in those other countries. And as a consumer, we're cheap and won't buy that $70 computer game, we'll pay $20 for that illegal copy that was shipped from China!
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