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Flour Tortilla

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I live over-seas and need a good way to make flour tortillas from scratch. Please note: I do not need a recipe USING flour tortillas. I need a recipe for making flour tortillas. Thanks for your help.
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2c flour
2-4T lard
A bit less than 1c warm water
pinch of salt
1t baking powder

I start by sifting the BP and the flour together in a mixng bowl, stir in the salt. Save a little for adjustment later. Add lard to the warm water. Add about 3/4 lard/water to dry ingredients and mix until it comes together, then remove and knead.

This is where it becomes an art. You just have to adjust it until it's just quite right. Divide into equal portions depending on how large you want your tortillas. Roll and cook on griddle.
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