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Wolfgang's hearty vegetable stock

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Well I usually don't use commercial vegetable stock because it usually has some kind of tomato paste like ingredient, which makes it unusable for all sorts of recipes. This time I looked at WP's ingredients and no MSG, no tomato paste and minimally processed. It sounded worth a shot.

I really liked the flavor. Now I know you purists will say that nothing can beat the homemade thing, but I don't do stocks very often. Between time and inspiration other things take priority... and I have made them so I know what I'm missing. Anyway this had a nice deepish flavor and hearty base. It will definitely become a pantry item at this house.

Now on the subject (I am new enough to have missed the thread if there is one), what are some commercial stocks that can pass in a pinch. Or which ones do you stay far, far away from? I am talking meat, poultry, veg and fish.

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But veg stock takes almost no time to make! Especially since you can collect scraps like mushroom stems, etc. in the freezer to use. And the cooking time is very short, only 30 minutes or so, as compared to hours and hours for beef/veal stock, or hours for chicken.

As for decent store-bought stocks, very few pass muster. I believe Fine Cooking magazine has done some comparative tastings, and for chicken I remember they liked Swanson Natural Goodness. But you might check out their Web site, and the Cook's Illustrated site (if you subscribe).

But the best thing to do is read the ingredient lists (as you already do :D ) and try the ones that seem most promising to you. Then you can decide for yourself which ones you prefer. After all, what fits your taste best is the one that's best for YOU.

And welcome! If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do so in the Welcome Forum! :D
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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It might not have said "MSG", but what about hydrolyzed vegetable protein? This is essentially MSG, and it is much worse for you. Also, autlyzed yeast extract is a common way to hide MSG.

As long as the MSG content is less than 1% they can legally hide it in other ingredients, like the term "spices".

I write this because I recently discovered Wolfgang Puck and immediately fell in love with his fresh-ingredient-no-additives style. Until I bought some of his soups. LOADED with MSG, but hidden in the ingredient labeling. Sneaky, and I won't be buying Wolfgang Puck soups anymore.

I never read the veggie stock ingredients so it might be ok, but then again it might not.
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Thanks for the info Oahu. That type of thing is very important to me.
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