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Lactose Free appetizers for Thanksgiving

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I am having a bit of a dilemma as I am looking for appetizer recipes (ones I can do ahead) but that are lactose free. It seems so many appetizers are cheese based! I would definitely appreciate any and all recipe suggestions. Thank you!:bounce:
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I don't know if eggs qualify as lactose free, but I know I'm always welcome even in places where they don't particularlay like me if I bring devilled eggs. Twist 'em by adding a little horseradish sauce to the filling. I also like hummus as a dip or for stuffing celery, etc. Maybe spread some hummus on tortillas with some fine-chopped veggies and roll up and slice. I'm sure other people will have tons of great stuff for you, these are kind of mundane. Good luck.
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I just catered a sitdown dinner for some dietary special needs people....one was celizc another was lactose and transfat impaired......

Shrimp remoulade with course mustard/green onions,lemon, garlic, touch of cayene on an apple slice

or smoked trout on apple (Granny Smith is universal tart crisp apple....not alot of flavor but good conduit)

Hummos, caponata, baba ganoush, tapenade all are non-dairy

You can make a wild mushroom goo with minced cooked shrooms and shallots add salt/pepper/ herb (such as thyme or dillweed) wrap in fillo with Pam between layers .....shroom strudel or fillo cups (check to see if they are parve if so there's no dairy in um)

White bean dip

Marinated vegetables.....or straight up veg with non-dairy dip

Scallops with bacon, shrimp with cocktail sauce,
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Lactose Free Appetizers

Shroomgirl, you really got me thinking! Thanks so much for the creative ideas... the juices are now flowing...:D
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Lactose Free Apps

greyeaglem--I was contemplating the hummus route as well. I know there is sooo much that can be done with it. Thank you!
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What about...

...Asparagus or fire roasted veggies, pancetta wrapped in rice paper.

Ceviche stuffed tomatoes

Warm celery satay (celery and peanut butter...yum)

Pestos, eggplant, olives...

Traditional crudites

Thin meat roulades, beef with horseradish, turkey with crans, ham with dijon...

I was looking around for non dairy for a kosher chicken "cream" sauce. Didn't have any luck, but we don't have any large health food stores or specialty markets around here.

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Are you going for the traditional T-day dinner?

And I do apologize if you've already thought of it, but some of the other "key" things to watch out for are the breads for the stuffing, gravies, and deserts...

Having to cook for various dietary requirements can be a minefield... but I do kow that it's really appreciated when you tell someone you've made sure they can eat what you've cooked, and can tell them all of the ingredients to reassure them :)

I know that for those with food allergies, deserts considerations (even a fruit sorbet type dish) is greatly appreciated.

One other thing, if possible, let the person know which dishes are accessible to them before hand (if possible), and again if possible, don't make a "special" serving just for them. It's a small thing, but for some with dietary considerations (allergy/medical/etc.), the less attention brought to it is appreciated; depending upon the company, of course....

You'd be surprised how the little things can make the difference.
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Dietary Requirements for Thanksgiving

Thank you all for your considerate responses. nyc Dave, you are right--it is a challenge to cook for certain dietary restraints and I AM trying to serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal. To top off the lactose intolerance, I have a vegetarian who also does not eat refined sugar, refined flour, or any type of preservatives/artificial color, etc. A challenge indeed! (And they are both my kids! Geesh!):roll:
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Just about anything Asian will fall under the lactose free umbrella.

Mini vegetarian egg rolls with dipping sauce make great apps.

Sushi is good too and can be a mixture of vegetarian/non vegetarian as well as cooked/raw fish.

Satay (as has been mentioned) is great with skewer strips of beef or chicken, but is also very good with baked tofu.
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