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Fruit Wines

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Have any of you ever tried wines made with fruits other than grapes? I'm not talking about the flavored wines they have out!
In the late 90's, I was in Montreal. I attended a food festival, and I tried a wine that was made from strawberries! It was brewed at a Quebec winery, and it was quite good.
Also, I recently tried a wine made from cherries. Don't remember the name, but it was also good.
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Oh, and I recently tried a Chinese wine made from lichi! It wasn't that good, though (bad aftertaste).
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Fruit wines

In the UK there is a flourishing home winemaking industry, and fruit wines are a tradition: often called "country wines". I've tried elderflower, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry, nettle and rhubarb. Some, like raspberry, keep a strong fruit flavour; with others it's much less obvious.

I've never seen any of them available commercially; you can buy elderflower syrup in most supermarkets in the UK, but apart from mead (honey wine) I've never seen any commercially produced country wine on sale.
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When I was in the Far East I sampled Akadama wine (made from the Akadama plum) and found it suitable as a dessert wine.
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I recently bought a bottle of Korean Black Raspberry wine. It's pretty good.
Plum wine is a real favorite, too.
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I've had a wine from a vineyard called "Volcano Wines" in hawaii. They have different fruit wines and some of them are quite good! My favorite is the Symphony Dry.
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