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Hello to everyone!
I'm the new guy (well gal). This is actually my first forum ever.
I've recently become a very passionate (if not obsessed) cook. Most of this I think is derived from being a naturally enthusiastic and adventurous eater. Being a gourmet just seemed to naturally develop into a curiosity about how food is made. I've spent hours pouring over cookbooks, watching cooking shows and experimenting in my own kitchen. This was all heightened by recent trips to Italy and France where the food blew my mind. I seem to have developed a real knack for baking, but my other skills could use some help. I am looking to learn the basics of cooking. How to braise, roast, make basic sauces etc.... I am hoping that by joining the forum I will have access to a lot of expert advice and cousel from cooks with more experience than me!
Anyway, thanks for having be!

Bon apetite!