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Well I went out yesterday to check out this Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich my friend is talking about. No regrets, I loved it, specially the big Chicken Burger fillet. Hmmmm.. Now I’m hungry..:p
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I get sick every time I eat at McDonalds so haven't been there in well over a year. I will admit, Burger King is my weakness. I can't explain it but every now and then I get a really bad craving for a Whopper Jr. When I was working, I ate there 4 days a week after I got sick of brown bagging it and there was no other place quick enough to get my food and go back to work. I do enjoy Subway. The absolute best place in my area is Coney Island. The original one in downtown Fort Wayne is the best but the one in Kendallville, IN isn't bad either.

Yumm, I haven't been to The Varsity in Atlanta in years. I love it!
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Fast food, love it. Yes, it's full of all kind of nastiness, yes it's bad for you, yes it is doing the world a lot of harm. And yes....I love it and make no apologies for doing so :)

I'm a major foodie, into the fresh and local movement, etc, etc. But there is very little fast food I can have anymore after being diagnosed with celiac disease, and I miss it!
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Finally made it to that place called Five Guy's. Good no make that a great burger!!!!!:bounce: Add the fact that the fries are fresh (and done well), they have birch beer on the soda fountain and peanuts to munch on while you wait for your food..... We've made it there twice and been great both times.

Although the second time we went it was the first time in about 20 years I saw the fry guy go "down on fries" 20 orders and stacking up. It was the best chuckle I had (and with the manager after explaining a couple things to him) in a long time! :lol:
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I prefer Subway and Chipotle because they are both fairly healthy places to eat. Also, the few times I prefer a burger, I don't think Wendy's is that bad ... since they are just a few houses down the street from me. I like to only get salads, or their chili, though.

Two places I will never go to in my entire life are McDonalds and KFC. The mere thought of KFC gets me sick as the last time I went there (Well over a year and a half ago), there was grease dripping off my chicken. I think McDonalds and KFC are tied for the two most unhealthiest places to eat.
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There are so many places in my are for great fast food. Coming from Philly there are tons of cheessteak/Hoagie joints. The ones that usually see on TV are the worst, they are tourist traps.
My favorite fast food would be Charlie's…there burgers are fresh, and there shakes are out of this world. The only sell Burgers, Hotdogs and milkshakes…no fries!! It Is a little hole in the wall place, but it attracts a great mix of people, from truck drives, to College students who attend Swarthmore College near by.
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I loved A & W, they are hard to find in Montreal now, the papa burgers were great :p

I go too a tiny local hamburger place, meat is always fresh, great fries also :D
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There's a small chain around here called Top Dog - maybe six or so units.
In addition, and they have great hot dogs - NY style with crispy skin that pops in your mouth when you bite into it, and a variety of other sausages, each provided by the best manufacturer in the area of that type of sausage. So, unlike most places where one provider is chosen for all the shop’s needs, often on the basis of cost, Top Dog chooses from several suppliers, each for the quality of their particular products. A rather novel way of doing things these days.

Another nice thing is that they’ll sell you a "six pack" which you can take home and cook yourself. For a flat - and very reasonable cost of $7.50 - you can buy six dogs (most styles, for some of the more expensive dogs there’s a small surcharge, mix or match) and six buns, and, if you’re so inclined, pick up small containers of condiments as well. They sell NY style dogs, bockwurst, bratwurst, keilbasa, linguica, calabrese, Thai flavored chicken dogs, german style franks, and so on - they must sell a dozen or so varieties.

The place opened in the mid-1960's, and there are two - maybe three -stores in Berkeley, one on either side of the Berkeley campus, perfect spots for them. They are literally "hole-in-the-wall" places - the one on the north side has maybe six stools at the counter and that’s it. I’ve not been to the one on the south side in years, but it may even be smaller. Both are always busy, especially when there’s a football game or some event at the university. I usually go for lunch when things are quieter. There are four other stores of which I’ve only been to one. I must try the others as they sometimes carry different dogs.

Best dogs since the early Nathan's in NYC ...

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Shel - sounds like a great place. What a great idea too for extending their business with the 6-packs, I bet that makes up a sizeable percentage of their trade from return customers especially. Sure beats running round the supermarket picking up the various bits and pieces, and prob not having the variety/quality of sausages they provide.

My fav place for take away would have to be our local Chinese restaurant. They do a great dine in eating experience but also have a take away section - real Chinese too, not the westernised version. Everything is so fresh. The aroma as you walk in gets you in and keeps you coming back for more.

Just don't ask me to get the colonel's chicken in a box - makes the whole family ill when we're silly enough to buy it :eek:
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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