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Candycane pie recipe

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I am in search of a recipe for Candycane pie like the one Baker's Square makes, any help would be appreciated!
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Go here:

Rgds Rook
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If you're open to experimenting, try preparing a crumb crust using good quality chocolate cookies and layer it with a mixture of melted butter and milk chocolate, then layer it with a pound of creme cheese whipped with a couple of tablespoons of melted unsalted butter, about a pound of confectioners sugar (your sweet tooth should be the judge - you may want more) slivers of milk chocolate and chips of candy cane. Put another layer of the milk chocolate over this.
Now all we need is a good cup of coffee:look:
I encourage everyone to experiment in the kitchen. You never learn anything from your successes (except that the technique you tried works) but you learn a great deal from your mistakes.
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By layers, bottom to top:


Dark cookie crum crust - maybe Oreos without the cream filling.


French silk pie filling (milk chocolate)


Layer of white silk (same recipe as for the French silk without the cocoa in it) with a crushed mixture of red & green peppermint chips


Another THIN layer of French silk pie filling or diltued hot chocolate mix from a jar spread on the layer of white silk with peppermint chips


Top it with real whipped cream and red and green peppermint candy drops with a SMALL candy cane for decoration.

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