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Recipe Program?

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I'm looking for a recipe program to store my ever growing collection. I've had a look at the free downloads, but they've got too much clutter

I don't want to do shopping lists, or work out food costs, I just want to access and add them from time to time...

As it's only for personal use I don't really want to pay $1000 for it, but I don't mind paying a little though.

Any suggestions?
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Are you on a Mac or Windows platform?

Many of the recipe programs provide the features because that's what makes recipe programs useful to the most number of people. This does not mean you are required to utilize all of the features.

I think it's most important for you to find one whose interface is the most user friendly for you.

If all you want to do is store recipes, you can simply create a folder on your hard drive and use a text program to save them.

Are there any features you do want?
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The method I use at home is the notepad program on Windows xp and the Google Desk top search agent to locate them later when I need it. I either manually enter recipes or if I come across one on the Internet, I just cut and paste it into the notepad. The key is to save them on a separate drive. I use a jump drive. By using the Google Desktop search, you can search all of your notepad items on that single jump drive, and exclude text files from your other programs. Also using the Google Desktop search I can just search for files that contain beef in the text and it will give me all of them, even if beef is not in the name.

At work I use ChefTec, but the neat thing is that I can save a ChefTec recipes as a text file and bring it home and add it to my home database.

Hope this helps
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Try Master Cook Version 9 about 20 bucks and well worth it.

Rgds Rook
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As ALynch states, the Google Desk top search agent will help if you use Windows. If you use a Mac, there is no need to get online at all because Spotlight will search the text of all your files for you.
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Second that. You can get it from amazon.
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I'm on PC, but I'll have a look at mastercook 9.
Thanks for such a speedy reply everyone!
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If you download the demo, you can buy it for $9 insteaad of the $20 from Amazon. It's how I got my copy. At the end of the downloaded demo, they give you the option to buy.
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